Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Tower of London #TakePart2012

I finally got to go to The Tower of London! When I went 3 years ago, it was closed by the time I arrived, so I made sure to put it on my to-do list this time. It's quite a huge place, with many sections and towers to explore. The Beefeaters also give you a short tour and entertain you with stories from the past. I only joined halfway through, but it was very informative. I had to rush through the grounds (again) so didn't get to see as much as I would have liked, but I definitely recommend going there! There were actors in-role around the Tower of London, which was fun to watch. The Crown Jewels are also housed here, but photography was not allowed. They're really pretty though, and jewel-laden!

Animals kept on the ground to protect the tower!

The Tower of London is right next to Towers Bridge.

You step onto a moving platform that will take you past the Crown Jewels.
Actors who stay in character.

This ceremonial sword is 227cm tall!

Staff weapons.
The dwarf and the giant armour.
The armory.
Eight ravens are kept at The Tower of London. If the ravens leave, the tower will fall.

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