Sunday, August 19, 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour #TakePart2012

With the last full day in London and the Olympics coming to an end, we all were taken out of the city to avoid the crowds. About an hour drive away from central London, we visited The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio! The place was packed with props, sets and costumes from the Harry Potter movies and so much fun to go through. It was like I was a kid again, reliving the memories from the books and movies. It's a self-led tour, where you just wander around and look at props from the movies, but there are tons of stuff to see and take pictures of/with! The tour ends at the gift shop - beware as you will get sucked into buying something! You can even get your own wand for £25!

Outside the studio

The Great Hall in Hogwarts!
Ravenclaw robes
Hufflepuff costumes
Slytherin costumes


The Chamber of Secrets door
The Burrows
The Knight Bus
Tom Riddle's gravestone
The chess pieces

Diagon Alley

There was a room full of concept beautifully drawn concept art!

Large Hogwarts model

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