Monday, August 27, 2012

Asadal Korean Restaurant - Korean in England

We went to many restaurants from different cultures during our stay in London, and one was at Asadal Korean Restaurant. Korean BBQ is always a lot of fun, because you have the grill at the centre of the table and you cook your own meats! Like all Korean restaurants, there are many starter dishes that come with your meal. Usually it consists of kimchee, a spicy pickled cabbage. We also had a Jap Che, which has beef and vegetables mixed with clear noodles. We had pork and beef to cook ourselves. The meats are brought to the table raw, and either you or the staff place them on the grill. There are tongs for the raw meat and chopsticks for the cooked. The BBQ aroma from the grill makes the meats delicious! For dessert, I opted for vanilla ice cream with lychee. It wasn't worth it though. I think it was £6 for one scoop of ice cream with a few canned lychees. It was a yummy meal, but I wish we had a larger variety of dishes to try!

An assortment of side dishes, kimchee, white radishes, spicy cucumber, veggies.
A side dish of bean sprouts, spinach and white radish.
Jap Che - clear noodles with beef and vegetables.
Raw pork read to be cooked!
Pork on the grill.
Pork and beef cooking.
Caution - hot beef on the grill!
Vanilla ice cream with lychee.

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