Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Science Museum #TakePart2012

Continuing on with my museum visits, I popped into the Science Museum, which was in the same cluster of museums at South Kensington. Similar to Science World in Vancouver, there were lots of interactive exhibits at the Science Museum. Though there were several floors, the most interesting exhibits were located on the first 2 floors. My favorite exhibit was on the second floor - all about humans and what they are created of, genotypes and phenotypes. Super science nerd, right here!

If you go down to the basement suite, Google has put together an interested hands-on exhibit where you can create music with people from around the world who login online. It's pretty cool. You can even save what you made that day and take it home with you, with personalized badges.

Moon rock
Ariel Satellite

Obese mouse. The gene for detecting when you are full was turned off. So cute though!
The basement of the Science Museum is a hand-on exhibit where you can make music with people from around the world.
You can also get your face drawn in sand by a robot! Does this even look like me? :P

Take a look at this video I shot of the robot drawing in the sand!

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