Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Social Network - Movie Review

Went to an advanced screening of The Social Network tonight. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was stupid. People will make a movie out of ANYTHING nowadays. After watching the movie, I still think it's stupid. But interesting too, lol. The movie revolves around how Mark Zuckerberg started up the giant social networking site, Facebook (as if you don't hear enough about Facebook now). It was interesting to see the back story, but at the same time, I don't know how much of it is true. After all, it is a movie, made to entertain.

And in the first minute of the movie, I was already really annoyed with the actor playing Zuckerberg - is he like that in real life?! I found all the main actors had very distinctive voices that bordered on annoying. A decent movie all around and interesting to those who like to know how billionaires are made hahaha.

< rant >ALSO, there were these two ladies next to me that kept TALKING AND TALKING very loudly throughout the whole movie! They weren't even whispering but talking in normal voices. ARGH. < /endrant >

The Social Network comes out in theaters tomorrow, October 1st. For more information on the movie, click here.

Free LouLou Magazine October 2010 Issue @ Town Shoes

Town Shoes is offering another freebie (usually it is a perfume sample)! It is for an October issue of LouLou magazine. I used to subscribe, and it's interesting to flip through for fashion stuff.

To get your free copy, just print out the coupon and bring it to any Town Shoes. It is valid until October 7th, or while supplies last.

Free Songs on iTunes is offering a mix of songs for you to download for free from iTunes. Songs include stuff by Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Stars, Crystal Castles, and more.

Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FREE Silver Hills Bread

Food freebie again - Silver Hills is offering a loaf of their bread free with coupon. Just fill in this quick survey and a coupon will be mailed to you for free bread! Mmm, bread. Mmm, free.

Sign up for your coupon here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanson Concert Pictures

Here they are! Pictures from the Hanson concert at The Commodore Ballroom last Saturday.

Andrew Allen, opening up for the opening act lol. He is awesome, I wish he sang more (he was only on for 15 minutes for about 3 songs.)!! He sang Loving You Tonight, which is a song I love!

The lead singer of A Rocket to the Moon, opening for Hanson. Don't you think he look just like Justin Timberlake?!

Finally Hanson comes on at 11pm, a full TWO hours after Andrew Allen came on!

FREE Pro Plan Shredded Blend dog food sample

Purina is offering pet food samples again, for dogs this time! They are introducing a new shredded blend that mixes kibble with tender shredded pieces. Order your sample here or find out more information about it.

Thanks for Watching

I just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to all the people that watched my team's video entry for the Green Martian Mission for the Samsung Mob!ler competition. Team Vibrant Coast finished with a strong lead in video views, "likes" and comments! Now the judges have to take a look at the content of the video, but everything else will also be taken into consideration! We had views from all over the world, which is just AWESOME. They will announce who won this round this Friday, October 1st and I will keep you posted!

Remember to check back for when the next round will be and be sure to support me and my team then as well!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Train Concert Pictures

Finally, here are the pictures from the Train concert two Saturday's ago!

Sorry the are not the best pics - my sister took them all, and she is short! Also it is mostly pictures of Pat, and I was too lazy to look for pics of the others in the group lol.

Opening act, Ryan Star.

Pat talking about how Hey, Soul Sister was number one on some country music chart.

His shirt says Canada - Bring a coat!

Doing some crowd surfing! It didn't last long because he was afraid he was going to be dropped.

Yay, I love them!

FREE pack of Kleenex for your friend!

Kleenex Brand is offering a free pack of Kleenex for you to send to your friend! This is just like the Cottonelle offer (they are the same company), where you fill in the form and you get to send the free product to any one of your friends. I believe you receive one as well (for the Cottonelle at least, not sure about this one). Kleenex is my favorite brand of tissue, so if you don't know who to send it to, send it to ME! haha!

Check out this offer here.

FREE Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamer

Healthy Choice Canada is offering a coupon for a free Healthy Choice Gourmet Steamer via Facebook. They are healthy fast foods that you just pop in the microwave for 5 minutes and it's done.

I'm loving all these Facebook freebies lately! Social media sites are the way to go, such a great way to market products.

Go sign up for your free coupon here.

FREE 414mL Coca Cola Beverage @ Mac's

iCoke is offering a coupon for a free 414mL Coca Cola beverage with coupon (printable on that you can redeem at participating Mac's convenience stores! The offer is valid until October 14th.

Log in to the iCoke site to get your coupon here.

Samsung Mob!ler Green Martian Mission - Modroids

Here is my team's Green Martian video for easy viewing! Modroids, the world's first augmented reality video game for the Samsung Galaxy S!

Remember to "like", leave a comment and share with your friends!! You can "like" it and comment on Youtube or on our Facebook page here. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the video tab to see our video on Facebook and "like" that video.

I'm a Samsung Mob!ler! Help me and my team win a trip to Korea!

Last month, I applied to be one of Canada’s first Mob!ilers through the Samsung Mobile Canada Facebook page. I got short listed for a phone interview and then found out I was accepted a few days after!

They flew me out to Toronto at the end of August for an all expense paid trip for training. On training day, I got to meet the other 29 Mob!ilers (10 from Vancouver, 10 from Montreal and 10 from Toronto). We got put into our teams of 5 and were given an overview of Samsung and the Mob!lers program. Basically it’s people that use social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, etc) and can spread the word (lots of word of mouth marketing!). We were each given a brand-spankin’ new Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, complete with unlimited talk/text/facetime etc paid for until the end of the year! (And if you have seen my current phone, you’ll know how much I needed a new phone).

Each team will have to go on “missions” and create content with our new phones and the team that wins gets $1500 to split. At the end of the competition, the team that has the best content with lots of “likes”, comments, viral videos, etc gets $5000 to split and an all expense paid trip to Korea to visit Samsung Headquarters!

Please “like” all my team’s content (Team Vibrant Coast), and remember to share our videos/pictures, like, leave comments etc like crazy and help us win the prize money and that trip to Korea!!!! The judging is partially based on how many videos views, comments and likes we receive. 

Follow along for the next few months as we create more content! I’ll be updating when there are new things to like/share/comment on! 

View our first mission video (Modroids) here. (Scroll down and lick the video tab - our video is at the bottome called MODROIDS, not green martian!!). You can leave the comment on Facebook or Youtube page)

You can also like me over here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hanson Concert @ The Commodore Ballroom

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from Rogers to the Hanson concert at The Commodore Ballroom last night. I'm not a fan of Hanson so I'm not familiar with any of their songs (aside from MmmBop haha) and didn't know what to expect. My sister and I went with a group of friends so there were 8 of us in total.

The opening acts came on at 9pm, starting with Andrew Allen. He is awesome! He sang his hit, Loving You Tonight, and a few other ones. So good.

Next came A Rocket to the Moon, a group I've never heard of. Their songs were decent, but all the Hanson fangirls were extremely impatient for Hanson to come on and were becoming restless and a lot of them weren't even paying attention (my friends included LOL). The lead singer of the group totally looks like Justin Timberlake, but younger! And also their drummer looks like my boss from one of my summer jobs LOL.

After the opening acts, there was some setup for what seemed like forever (and actually, it WAS forever). Everyone started chanting Hanson and people were getting annoyed and angry. FINALLY, FINALLY at 11pm they came on stage. There songs are okay, but its not like I'm going to be rushing out to buy all their CDs anytime soon. I won't deny that they are a talented group, writing their own songs and playing instruments and everything. Not like those teeny-boppers like Justin Beiber (ugh). Hanson fan girls are CRAZY. So much screaming, and the jumping, oh the jumping! My sister was alarmed because the concert venue is upstairs and with so many girls jumping in unison, the floor/ceiling was totally bouncing up and down and she was afraid the floor might collapse! Apparently it has happened before at some other concert venue!

All in all, a good time with friends, a lot of energy and good songs. I'll be posting up pictures from the concert later on (and I promise I'll get those Train pictures up soon!).

3 Free Pens/Sharpies

Newell Rubbermaid Canada Office Products is offering you a "test drive" of any 3 of their products. Just select the ones you want to try out, fill in the form and they'll send them to you! There are several different pens to choose from, as well as a sharpie, whiteboard pen and correction tape!

Check it out here.

Friday, September 24, 2010

FREE Medium Coke beverage or Coffee @ McDonalds

Today's flyers come with a Monopoly game board from McDonalds, and inside is a coupon for a free medium Coca-Cola beverage or a medium coffee! Just clip out the coupon, it is good from October 5 to 18th.

Also there is a free Monopoly code on the back as well, but won't be valid until the game starts.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Free Tylenol Arthritis Pain Trial

Living Well has another trial offer, this time for Tylenol Arthritis Pain. Check out their website to order yours. It usually comes in a packet of 2 tablets, so order it for anyone you know who may need it (no one in my family anymore!).

Free 5 Track Sampler (Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross)

With The Social Network coming out in theatres soon, a 5 track sampler from the movie's soundtrack has been released for you to download for free. Tunes are by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Check out the website to download the music.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

London Drugs 65th Anniversary Contest! (Sept 28 - Oct 3)

Wow, another anniversary celebration! London Drugs is celebrating their 65th anniversary in the coming week, and they are giving away lots of prizes, including 2 $6,500 and 10 $650 London Drugs gift cards. All you have to do is bring in your flyer that is delivered this week (Friday) and get it scanned. Sounds easy enough!

For more information on this contest, go here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SPC National Shopping Days (Sept 25-26)

SPC is offering double the discounts for an entire weekend for the first time! Only select stores are participating so see list below. This is a good time to go shopping if you need to buy new clothes, since most of them are clothing stores.

20% off regular and sale prices.

20% off regular and sale priced merchandise.

20% off regular & sale items. Excludes markdowns/fragrances*

20% off regular and sale prices.

Aldo Accessories
20% off regular and sale prices when you buy 2 items or more.

Aldo Outlet
20% off regular and sale prices.

American Eagle Outfitters
20% off regular and sale priced merchandise.

30% off regular price and 10% off sale price.

20% off regular and sale prices.

20% off regular and sale prices.

Buffalo David Bitton
20% off regular and sale prices.

Champs Sports
30% off regular price and 10% off sale price.

Costa Blanca
20% off regular and sale prices. Excludes outlet stores.

Costa Blanca X
20% off regular and sale prices.

30% off regular and sale prices.

20% off regular and sale prices.

French Connection
20% off regular price.

Foot Locker
30% off regular price & 10% off sale price.

George Richards
20% off regular and reduced product.

Jean Machine
20% off regular and sale prices.

20% off regular price & 10% off sale price.*

20% off regular and sale prices.e.

Lucky Brand Jeans
30% off regular price and 10% off sale price.

30% off regular price and 10% off sale price.

30% off regular price.

20% off regular and sale prices.

Shoe Warehouse
20% off regular price & 10% off sale price.*

20% off regular and sale prices.

20% off regular and sale prices.

20% off regular price & 10% off sale price.*

20% off regular and sale prices.

The Body Shop
$10.00 off $20.00 purchase.*

Tip Top Tailors
20% off regular and reduced product.

20% off regular and sale prices.

Urban Behavior
20% off regular and sale prices.

Urban Planet
20% off regular and sale prices.

Warehouse One
20% off regular, sale and clearance merchandise.*

*Terms and conditions may apply. Offers only valid for SPC Card and BMO SPC MasterCard holders on September 25 & 26, 2010.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Train Concert @ The Commodore Ballroom

My sister won a pair of tickets to Train from Rogers and the concert was last night at the Commodore Ballroom. We arrived at 7:30 to wait in line (it was massive already) and doors opened at 8. By the time we got inside, all the seats were taken, so we just went on the floor.

Ryan Star opened up for Train at 9:30 and he played a few songs until 10. His stuff is pretty good, but I think a lot of people were more interested in Train coming on stage lol. After what seemed like ages of set up, Train finally came on at 10:30! Woohoo! They were awesome, playing favorites like If It's Love, Save Me San Francisco and Hey, Soul Sister. There were audience participation, where seven girls got to go up to be "Trainettes". Lot of tshirts were thrown out to the crowd and Pat even did some crowd surfing (but it didn't last long because I think he was afraid he would fall haha)! At the end of the show, the guys threw out their guitar picks and drumsticks, and my sister was lucky enough to get a guitar pick!!

It was a great show and sis and I both really enjoyed it. I'll be posting up pictures from the concert tomorrow so check back!

Friday, September 17, 2010

FREE Nature Valley Granola Bars @ IGA

IGA Marketplace is offering a printable coupon for a free box of Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars (190g-230g) valid until September 19th. Print your coupon here and bring it in to any IGA to get your free box.

Samsung 50" Plasma HDTV - $548 at Visions

Visions Electronics is offering the Samsung 50" Plasma HDTV for only $548 this week only. It is only 720p and 600Hz so my dad won't even go near it, but if you are not picky and are looking for a cheap new tv, this is it! There are only 500 chainwide, so go early!

As well, this Saturday only, Visions is hosting another BBQ, with free hotdogs and pop between 11am and 2pm. You can also enter to win a $3000 shopping spree!!

Good Sale Items at Walmart Anniversary Sale!

As promised, here are a list of some of the things on sales that are pretty good prices. Remember a lot of these products are put out by P&G, and they mailed out the P&G Brandsaver coupon flyer last Friday. Combine these sale prices with the coupons and you've got yourself a great deal! If you didn't get the coupon flyer (or you threw it away), you can also order the same coupons online.

Old Spice, Gillette or Secret deoderant - $1.87
Always pads or Tampax - $2.87
Caltrate with bonus hand sanitizer - $7.97
Centrum with bonus hand sanitizer - $4.97
Oral-B Vitality power toothbrush - $13.48
Dawn dish detergent (561-709mL) - $1.37
Swiffer Wetjet - $15.97
Tide 2x Ultra liquid laundry detergent 32 loads - $4.97 (cheapest I've seen it is $4, but if you're in need of it, this is a decent price)
Nintendo DSi - $109
Just Dance or Dance on Broadway Wii - $19.93

I just realized ALL of the items above (minus the Nintendo stuff) has coupons from either or So make sure you bring your coupons with you when you go shopping! Some of these prices combined with coupons will allow you to get the product for absolutely free (you pay tax only)!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walmart Anniversary Sale! (Sept 17-30)

WOW, it's a busy week for birthday and anniversary sales! While the Walmart flyer has not officially come out yet in BC (it comes out tomorrow), I've had a sneak peek at the Eastern Canada flyer and there are some pretty great deals! Walmart always has really GREAT sales during their anniversary sale week, which would be great to price match at other stores (ie. Best Buy and Futureshop for an additional 10% off the price difference for electronics/games/movies or Zellers for other personal/household items to get an extra 10% off with your SPC), or just go buy them at Walmart if you are near one. I will post up some of the better deals tomorrow when I take a better look at the flyer, but just a heads up!

Zellers 79th Birthday Sale (Sept 17-23)

Zellers is celebrating their 79th birthday this week and there are some pretty decent sales worth checking out, especially if you have your SPC for an additional 10% off!

Here are some of items on sale that stand out:

Fleecy fabric softener sheets - $0.79
Palmolive Dish Detergent - $0.79

Of course, if you have the Canadian Tire scratch card, you can get these types of items absolutely free, which is even better!

Canadian Tire 88th Birthday Bash! (Sept 17-19)

Canadian Tire is once again celebrating their birthday by having their scratch card event! I always look forward to their scratch cards because that means free stuff! The scratch card should have came on Wednesday with your local papers/flyers, tucked into the Canadian Tire flyer.

This year, the prizes can be 1 of 8 $8000 prizes (does anyone ever win these?), $5 off or a coupon for a free McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cake!

The $5 cards means you can get anything $5 or over for absolutely free! Last year I stocked up on aluminum foil, paper towels and fabric softeners! You need a minimum purchase of $5 after all discounts and $5 will be taken off your bill (last year, I got $5 on the dot, so just paid the taxes!).

Some of the good deals I noticed in the flyer are:

Aluminum Foil/Wax Paper/Plastic Wrap - 2 for $0.88
Sunggle Fabric Softener Sheets - $0.88
Palmolive Dish Detergent - $0.88
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - $0.88

Of course these are the door crashers and will probably sell out REALLY fast, so go early tomorrow! In the regular flyer, there are some good items to get as well that you can get for free or nearly free.

Old Dutch Laundry Detergent or Fabric Softener - 2 for $5
Odour Elimiator or Liquid-Plumr Pro drain unclogger - 2 for $5
Purex Toilet Paper - $4.99
Sponge Towels paper towels - $4.99
Scotties facial tissues - $4.99
Dentyne or Trident gum - $3.69

For the items that are 1cent or more under $5, you can always buy a lollipop at the till for about $0.25 to bring your total up to $5. I have heard there are even single nails or screws you can buy for a few cents!

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FREE Amazon Gift Cards - Swagbucks & Irazoo!

Swagbucks is an awesome search and win site where you can earn rewards FAST. It's easy to do and you get 30 swagbucks right away if you use the link below. So far I have cashed out for $220 gift cards.  There are tons of prizes to choose from, like other gift cards, cards,  comics, Wii and PS3 consoles, Nintendo DS, you name it! So many prizes  to choose from!  

All you have to do is search and you  might be rewarded with points. The fastest way to earn is through  swagcodes, that are released several times a day. You can find it  through their blog, searchbar, facebook, twitter, etc. Also there are  points for daily polls, checking out the survey link and the daily  special offers link!

Search & Win

Irazoo  is another great search and win site that I've been using for even  longer than Swagbucks. They recently changed it so that it's just like  Swagbucks - you win points for searching, and there are also treasure  codes. As a summer special, they brought back the rate and earn portion  of points - when you do a search, you can comment and rate a site for 50  points. They limited it to 100 points a day though (used to be 300!).

Canadians  are only allowed to redeem for gift cards, but if you live  in the states, you have access to the other prizes as well, like gaming  consoles, cameras, computers and other gift cards. I have already cashed  out for $125 gift cards!

Monday, September 13, 2010

FREE Tub of Cottonelle Moist Wipes

Get a coupon for a free tub of Cottonelle Moist Wipes, and send one to your friend too! I love using these to wipe my hands off after I do field work - it's not just for your bum! Haha!

Go sign up for you free coupon here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Halo Reach Launch at Best Buy (Sept 13) - Vancouver & Toronto Only!

Another game launch party being held at Best Buy! Starting at 9pm on September 13th at the Cambie St Best Buy location in Vancouver and Bay & Dundas in Toronto, there will be Xbox Street Teams there to celebrate the game launch. You can play the game, and also enter to win an one of two Xbox 360 250GB Halo Reach console bundles!

There will also be other prizes to be won, including hoodies, hats, posters and inflatable energy swords. In addition, the first 120 customers will receive a free Halo Reach T-shirt, amd the first 100 customers will also receive a free inflatable energy sword.

Also check out the contest for a life sized Halo Reach statue valued at $5,000 over here.

For more information on the launch party, go here.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

FREE Yogen Fruz Frozen Yogurt (Toronto Only)

Sorry local readers, this freebie is for people in Toronto only! :(

Fab Find is offering a coupon for a free small "top it" or "mix it" frozen yogurt with one fruit from Yogen Fruz. There are about 1900 coupons left. Go here to claims yours!

P&G BrandSampler Available now!

Hurray, P&G is offering their BrandSampler again! It is a collection of sample sized products that they carry and is a great way to try out their new and existing products, or save them for traveling, since they are travel sized! This offer won't last long since people go crazy over this freebie (it's like Christmas in the mail!) so go here and sign up for your BrandSampler today!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

FREE Silk True Almond Soy Beverage

Today's Parent is offering a coupon for a free1.89L carton of Silk True Almond Original Almond Beverage to the first 1,000 people to sign up. I've tried Silk Soy chocolate beverage before and it's pretty tasty, and I'm not a fan of soy. I'm looking forward to trying the almond flavor! Go here to sign up!

Apple Store Grand Opening - Sept 11 (Lower Mainland Only)

Another Apple store is being opened in the Lower Mainland! This makes it only the third Apple store in the area (the only others are in Downtown Vancouver in Pacific Mall and in Oakridge Mall in Vancouver). This new one is located in Richmond Centre and will hold a grand opening celebration on September 11th, starting at 9:30am.

Current Mac owners can buy a One to One membership, available to the first 250 customers. And of course, the first 1000 customers through their doors on opening day will received a free commemorative T-shirt! Go and check out the iPhone 4 (though really, it has nothing on the Samsung Galaxy S ;) ), iPads and other Apple gadgets.

Make sure you go early though, because there will be a long line for sure. I went to the Oakridge Mall grand opening at about 8 in the morning and there was already a huge line!

FREE Aveeno Lotion Trial Offer

Living Well is offering a trial offer of Aveeno lotion, while quantities last. There is still about 2650 left as I post this. Go sign up for yours now!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Sedin twins at Metrotown tonight! (Lower Mainland only)

Canucks forwards, Daniel and Henrik Sedin, will be at Metrotown tonight at EB Games from 9 to 11 to promote the new NHL 2011 game. Meet and greet, take pictures and get autographs! Go early, as I'm sure there will be a lot of people.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Haven't bought your Olympic souvenir's yet? Great deals found!

A lot of stores are still selling Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic merchandise, but now at dirt cheap prices! Now is the time to go out and get your souvenir's if you've been wanting to get some but didn't want to pay those outrageous prices!

Someone found those cute plush keychains (price tag $9.99) for only $0.49 on clearance as well as earmuffs (regular $30) for $1.49 at The Bay.

I was at my local Save-On-Foods last week and saw a bundle of 3 large sized (the 13-16 inch ones) mascot plushies for only $24.99!!! WHAT! I wish I had waited! My sister and I bought bought our Quatchi and Sumi plushies for $14.99 each! And now we're missing Miga! Nuuuu!!

Anyway, go out and search for your Olympic merchandise now, as there are a lot of liquidation/warehouse sales, as well as super cheap sales at grocery and department stores.

FREE Stayfree Pads

Another freebie from! Just sign up for your coupon for a free package of Stayfree pads here:

Taiwanese Festival (Sept 4-6)

Granville Street is opening back up to traffic starting on September 7th, so make sure you watch for oncoming traffic! This weekend will be the last time there are events and activities going on so go check it out.

The Taiwanese Festival is happening on Granville from 10-6 this long weekend. It's a celebration of Taiwanese Culture and other sponsor booths. Admission is free!

For more information, check out their website here.

Friday, September 03, 2010

FREE Maple Leaf Bacon

Yet another Facebook freebie! Maple Leaf is offering a coupon for free bacon, good for Maple Leaf resealable and regular 375g and 500g bacon products, up to a maximum value of $7.99.

There are only 10,000 coupons available and offer is good only while quantities last, so go sign up for yours now!

Tax Free Weekend at Superstore (Sept 4-5th)

Yes, the day I've been waiting for, Tax Free Event at Superstore again! This is a great time to stock up on items and not have to pay the HST! It's especially great if you have a big box item like a TV or BBQ to buy, since you can save a lot of money! Also remember to use up your free product coupons to make your things absolutely free.

On another note, since I posted about the Wii bundle at Zellers, Superstore is clearing out the original Wii's that only come with the Wii Sports game for only $149.99. Decent price if you don't own a Wii yet and don't want the other games. Also you'd save another $18 if you buy it on the No Tax weekend!

Win a Life Size Halo Reach Statue (Lower Mainland Only)

Best Buy is holding another contest where you can win a life size Halo Reach statue (though I can't imagine who would want one...?!). Just head on down to the Cambie location and take a photo of yourself with the Halo statue. Submit your picture at and you'll be entered to win!

It says it has a retail value of $5000. :S Good luck Halo fans!

Wii Bundle $249.97 at Zellers

Zellers is offering a Wii bundle that includes Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Galaxy 2 and Dance on Broadway, a Wiimote and Nunchuck. While this is not the BEST deal, I think it's a pretty decent one since it includes so many games. Everything besides Mario Galaxy 2 and Dance on Broadway games are already included in the standard bundles for $209, so you'll be paying an extra $40.97 for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Dance on Broadway.

If you are planning on getting these games anyway, it's a good deal, since Mario sells for $59.99 alone and Dance on Broadway $39.99 ($19.99 on sale).

FREE Amazon Gift Cards - Swagbucks & Irazoo!

Swagbucks is an awesome search and win site where you can earn rewards FAST. It's easy to do and you get 30 swagbucks right away if you use the link below. So far I have cashed out for $215 gift cards. There are tons of prizes to choose from, like other gift cards, cards, comics, Wii and PS3 consoles, Nintendo DS, you name it! So many prizes to choose from!  

All you have to do is search and you might be rewarded with points. The fastest way to earn is through swagcodes, that are released several times a day. You can find it through their blog, searchbar, facebook, twitter, etc. Also there are points for daily polls, checking out the survey link and the daily special offers link!

Search & Win

Irazoo is another great search and win site that I've been using for even longer than Swagbucks. They recently changed it so that it's just like Swagbucks - you win points for searching, and there are also treasure codes. As a summer special, they brought back the rate and earn portion of points - when you do a search, you can comment and rate a site for 50 points. They limited it to 100 points a day though (used to be 300!).

Canadians are only allowed to redeem for gift cards, but if you live in the states, you have access to the other prizes as well, like gaming consoles, cameras, computers and other gift cards. I have already cashed out for $120 gift cards!

FREE Layer Me T-shirt at The Bay

This week, if you go to The Bay and try on any pair of Jessica Simpson jeans, you will receive a free "Layer Me T-shirt", while supplies last! One per customer.

FREE Dog Toy at HomeSense

HomeSense is offering a free rubber dog toy while quantities last with coupon to promote their expanded pet section and the Savvy Paws line. Just print out the coupon here:

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Apple just keeps on coming out with new products...!

It seems like every other month Apple comes out with a new or revamped version of their existing products. The newest iPod Touch now has facetime, retina display, HD video recording and uses an A4 processor for gaming. Each new version of iPods seems to get more and more expensive. A lowly 8GB iPod touch is $229, 32GB is $299 and 64GB is $399 (why no 16GB?). The new iPod nano is so flippin' tiny, how do you even swipe it!?! Think about people with fat fingers (like me sometimes)! Sheesh. While I like having new gadgets, I can't really justify paying $400+ for an mp3 player, when I have two perfectly good ones that still work.

For people who like to have the newest products, what do you do with your all your old iPods?? I have a first generation iPod mini that just sits in my room, I can't imagine having one of each new version (=__=)!

What do you think about Apple's new line of iPods? Are you planning to get one?

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

FREE Crystal Light

YES, another Facebook freebie!!

Crystal Light is offering 4 samples of their 18 different flavors. All you need to do is sign up over here: