Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Microsoft Zune! - Product Review

So a couple of weeks ago, my free Zune kit arrived in the mail. It included a 8GB Zune, a set of premium Zune headphones and an AC adapter. This was part of a word-of-mouth promotion by Matchstick and Chatthreads where they gave out 300 free Zune kits and whoever gets one has to show it off to their friends. So far it's been pretty cool, you can transfer songs and pictures wirelessly between Zune users and has an FM radio. The album art is shown with each song on a colour screen, which I like. However, syncing the Zune is a bit confusing and so are the playlists. I still prefer to use iTunes.

Anyway, because this is a word-of-mouth promo, log on to ChatThreads.com and enter 102 986 0190 for the Conversation ID and you'll be entered to win a $500 Amazon.ca gift card (or click on the link below)! Wooo! You can also tell your friends about it and give them the conversation ID if you talk about the Zune.