Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve - Last post of 2009!

Another year has come and gone. For me, it had its ups and downs. I finally graduated university, and I got to travel around Europe. The downside is that I am  still unemployed - darn this recession! Is anyone going to make new years resolutions? I think mine will be to try to eat healthier and be more active. If you are going to party it up tonight, remember to stay safe and don't drink and drive! BC Transit will be free tonight starting at 5pm. We have the Winter Olympics to look forward to in February (I have a part time job during that time) and hopefully more great events! Here's to more shopping, deals and freebies next year!

I hope everyone had a great 2009, and here's hoping for a fun-filled year in 2010! I'll see you next year! ;)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The House of the Dead: Overkill - Game Review

I picked up House of the Dead: Overkill for the Wii during the boxing week sale at Best Buy. The game is going for only $14.99 right now until January 3, 2010. My sister and I just finished the game tonight, it only took us two nights! It's a good shooting games, great for those people who used to play House of the Dead games at the arcade, or anyone who is a fan of the series. I haven't played the other Wii games in this series, but it's probably quite similar. I found the game to be too short though. It only took about 15 minutes to finish each chapter, and there were only 7 chapters. You are able to play by yourself, or partner up with someone else. After you complete the story mode, you unlock the director's cut, which is the same story but harder. There is guts and gore and a lot of swearing, especially f-bombs, so this game is definitely not recommended for younger children. I enjoyed the game even though it was too short, but at that price ($9.99 after using my $5 Nintendo coupon!) I can't complain! Go pick yours up now!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FREE Amazon Gift Cards & Other Prizes!

This month so far I have been able to cash in for $25 in gift cards on Swagbucks! Woot woot! It would have been enough to get a Rock Band 2 drum set, but unfortunately raised the price by $10, and now it's sold out too! Grr.

But anyway, please sign up for Swagbucks using the link below, and you will get started off with 3 swagbucks of your own! Woot! It's easy to earn swagbucks to redeem for prizes, ranging from gift cards to game consoles (Wii, PS3, NDS)!!! I have already cashed out for $65 in gift cards!

Of course, Irazoo is another great search and win site, but they only give gift cards to Canadian users. If you live in the states, then they also offer awesome prizes like game consoles, ipods and cameras. You only need 3000 points to redeem for a $5 gift card, and you can earn a maximum of 300 points a day. That means every 10 days, you get $5!!! I've cashed out for $50 so far.

Search & Win

Monday, December 28, 2009

More Shopping!

Sister and I went shopping again yesterday and today. Yesterday we got up at 8 and headed out early to go to church, then went to the mall. Sis had to pick up some aquarium stuff that was on sale. Then we went into our first mall, but didn't find anything interesting. Drove over to the next mall, where sister got two pairs of shoes at Payless Shoe Source. One was on sale for only $13, the other was regular price. I used my SPC for an additional 10% off! Then we had to head back to the aquarium shop for my sister to buy another filter. Got back at about 5:30. That's FIVE malls in two days - a record!!

Today we got to the mall at about 10 to do some returns. Dad decided that we will get a better blu-ray player later on, since we don't even have an HDTV yet. LONG lines. Sister returned some stuff at Futureshop and I went to Best Buy. While there, sister picked up the last copy of Dragon Age: Origins for PCs on sale for $29.99 and a copy of Norton 360 3.0 on sale for $29.99. I caved in and got House of the Dead: Overkill for the Wii on sale at $14.99 minus a $5 coupon. Walked around the mall for a bit, but didn't find anything else of interest so left at around 4.

Three days of intense shopping and I'm bushed. My feet and shoulders hurt and my legs are tired. But now it's time to enjoy all the purchases we made! Woot, can't wait for boxing day next year! :D

Saturday, December 26, 2009

How did you make out on Boxing Day? Lots of deals?

My sister and I woke up the earlier ever to go boxing day shopping this year. Got up at 3am, and was out the door by 3:30 (already late!). Sis dropped me off at Best Buy, and I was early enough that I got to wait inside, away from the cold! My sister went off to line up at Futureshop. Doors opened at 6am, and I picked up an Insignia Blu-Ray player for $79.99. Also got two Nokia bluetooth headsets with charger for $19.99 each. Mine is the BH-105 model. Sister got Samsung Blu-Ray, James Bond Quantum of Solace blu-ray movie for $9.99.

Then off to Zellers at 6:40 to see if I could get Just Dance game for Wii at 50% off...unfortunately, they don't even stock it!! GRRR!!! So I check out Toys R Us for Super Mario 64 Nintendo DS Lite game on sale at $24.97. It's such an old game, but I've never seen it on sale until now! Regular price is $39.99. ONLY, Toys R Us wasn't even open! *grumble* I then rush over to Superstore to see if I could score some half price chocolate, but everything good seemed to have been snatched up already, plus this year they didn't even have a lot of discounted candies!

Next stop was Old Navy, where the sweaters my sister and I were eying were discounted to $14. There was a 25% off any item coupon in the flyer, but I didn't have one, so I asked my cashier if I could still get the discount, and she asked the manager who said okay, so woot woot!! Sister wasn't so lucky though :S But she did use her $5 gift card she won last week from the Ferrero Rocher mall tour!

Afterwards, we headed to Lush to check out their sales. It was buy 1 get 1 free boxed set or buy 1 soap/holiday item get 2 free. We picked up 3 bath bombs. Then we went to Mcd's to refuel and get breakfast! Mmm, big breakfast. Before we left, we went to Black's Photography to get our free camera phone lens cleaner, a $19.99 value! Woot!

We jumped into the car and headed towards Walmart. Sister got a few dvds for $5 each, one for $2.97. Got The Love Guru, Premonition, and Lady in the Water. She also got a DS game, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon at $14.83 minus a $5 Nintendo coupon. A 4 litre jug of chocolate milk was also discounted for $2 since it expires end of the year, so sis and I got a jug.

Then we went next door to Pet Smart to use my 3 free Purina Pro Plan dry cat food coupons. (They have a BOGO sale atm, so it will be cheaper for those without any coupons). Sis had to buy a snail to get the computer system to let the tax be taken off. Starbucks was next to warm up with a mocha, bought using my points from my Starbucks Duetto Visa. Yum, free coffee!

Popped over to our 2nd Superstore next, where we picked up Live by Jennifer Lopez perfume. Apparently designer perfumes were going for 75% off, and there was a huge crowd, but they didn't seem to be that discounted to me.  Also got a triangular box of mini Toblerone chocolates at half price! We gave that to our grandpa. We then went to another mall to check out the Walmart there. Sister wanted to see if there were any DVDs. Didn't really find any good deals, but did get a few boxes of seashell chocolates that mum can use for gifts. After that, we went to yet another mall to check out the Zellers there for Just Dance - no luck. I had the cashier call 2 other Zellers near me, but nothing. I don't think any of the Zellers in BC had this game in stock! False advertising to lure people in the store! Humph. Ended up getting a Glysomed 3 piece gift set on for 50% off, for $9.99 - 10% SPC discount. Sister also found a 3 movie in 1 DVD with cartoon movies she liked.

We headed home after that. There wasn't as many good deals as there we last year, but I hope everyone was able to at least find something the liked! Remember, there are still pretty good sales going on for the rest of the week, so if you missed out today, go tomorrow!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! I hope everyone gets to spend time with their family and friends and just relax and eat good food!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Are you ready for BOXING DAY???

Yes it's that time of year, not Christmas. The day after Christmas - Boxing Day!! Boxing day is every frugal shopper's dream, with the mad sales on everything. My sister and I look forward to this day every year! Most people look at big ticket items at electronic stores, such as cameras, laptops, and tvs. There are also large appliances on sale as well. If you've been meaning to buy that new fridge or dishwasher, boxing day/week is the day to do it! You can save a TON of money just by shopping on boxing day. Many retailers extend boxing day sales to week-long sales, though there will only be a limited quantity of door-crashers, and you'll have to be quick. That means starting to line up at your chosen store early in the morning. And I mean early. Some people sleepover night, while others start lining up in the wee hours in the morning. I believe the last couple of years, I went to Best Buy before 5am, and still the line was pretty long.

Start thinking about other events and people you have to buy gifts for throughout the year. Is someone's birthday coming up? Mother's day? Housewarming gifts? Boxing day sales are a cheap way to stock up on gifts for other occasions. There will be many sales that are 50% off or even more. Buy those games, movies, music, clothes, electronics or books NOW. Why wait until later in the year when you have to pay full price on the same item? You can be saving hundreds on dollars just by planning ahead and picking up gifts for others on boxing day.  

Be prepared though. Do your research - start looking through boxing day flyers now to decide what you want to buy (mostly for big ticket items). You can find your flyers delivered to your door with your local newspaper, or online if you know the specific store you want to go to. Some popular stores are Best Buy, Futureshop, Walmart, Zellers and even Superstore! Superstore usually offers 50% on all of their chocolate and holiday items. Stock up on chocolate if you're going to eat them. Or save them for gifts! Chocolate usually doesn't go bad for a few years.

So dust off those gloves and set that alarm, because those sales aren't going to wait! The savings that can be found on boxing day/week are unbeatable and for anyone trying to save money in these hard economic times without sacrificing the quality of their gifts. Hope everyone has fun and manage to snag a few good deals. I would love to hear what you were able to pick up! I'll be seeing you in the lines and crowded mall! ;)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Princess Books: The Stepsister Scheme and The Mermaid's Madness - Book Review

I have been reading some awesome books by Jim C. Hines. This is a new series by the author about fairytale princesses we all know and love. Except totally twisted. These are kickass princesses who don't get their happily ever after (except Cinderella). Two books are out so far, The Stepsister Scheme and The Mermaid's Madness. I read it out of order, so I just finished the 2nd book yesterday and am currently reading the first book. They are SOOOO good. The stories center around Danielle (Cinderella), Snow (Snow White - Snow is just her nickname, her real name is long and I forget), and Talia (Sleeping Beauty).

Danielle marries Prince Armand and gets her happily ever after. Snow killed her mother, who killed the hunter who was supposed to kill Snow, but fell in love with her and lived with her for a year. Snow fled her kingdom after that. Talia and her family gets put into 100 years of sleep, only to have her uncle try to take the throne. The prince that hacks his way through the thorns into the castle kills Talia's family, then rapes her. Talia wakes up from labour pains! She flees her kingdom too and learns all sorts of kick ass fighting skills. Now Snow and Talia serve Queen Beatrice, the queen of Lorinder, where Danielle lives.

In the first book, Danielle's stepsisters kidnap Armand...then try to steal her child before he is even born! The trio of princesses set out to rescue him in Fairyland, where they think the stepsister's took him. That's all I got up to in the book so I can't tell you what happens next, sorry. You'll just have to read it yourself!

In The Mermaid's Madness, Queen Beatrice gets stabbed by The Little Mermaid, who has gone crazy because she killed her prince. The three princesses have to set out to sea to find the mermaid's grandmother, who made the knife.

A third princess book, Red Hood's Revenge, is coming out next year in 2010 focused on Little Red Riding Hood, who is an assassin.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Complicated - Movie Review

Yes, once again, I went to an advanced screening of a movie, It's Complicated, starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. But this time, I won these tickets from Tribute.
The movie was hilarious! I was laughing throughout the whole thing, and half the time, everyone was laughing so loud I couldn't even hear the dialouge anymore (which was a little annoying). Streep and Baldwin play a divorced couple, with Baldwin being married to a younger woman (Lake Bell, from Boston Legal). Things aren't going well with their marriage and Streep and Baldwin's characters end up having an affair. Steve Martin plays Streep's architect, who falls for her.
The acting is pretty solid, as expected from such huge stars. The ending did leave a little to be desired though (to me anyways, my sister thought it was fine). I definitely recommend this movie if you want to go out and have fun! 3.5 stars out of 4!

It's Complicated comes out Christmas day.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside Story - Game Review

I finally finished playing the newest Mario NDS game, Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story! It took me over 32 hours to play it! I enjoyed it, but I had to look at online walkthroughs all the time, there were just so many secrets and tips I didn't want to miss! I definitely recommend this game for Mario fans! One thing I didn't like was that you had to go to a separate screen to fight the enemies. I like straight forward stomp-on-your-enemy type fights. There are secret levels that Mario, Luigi and Bowser can unlock if you fight enough and their level goes high enough. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reach it before I finished the game. Apparently something special happens if you do reach it - I wonder what it is!!! You would have to fight everything you see to reach those levels though, I suspect. I found that I just wanted to avoid the fights later because they took so long! Anyway, great game, lots of fun hours and interesting story line! I think I will play Zelda (the older one) next! Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last minute Christmas presents? Don't want to spend a lot? How about FREE boardgames?

Kelloggs has been putting tons of great coupons on their cereal boxes lately. The newest one is for $10 off any Hasbro® , Parker Bros® , Milton Bradley™ and Cranium games. And of course, with Christmas coming around the guessed it, there are lots of sales on board games! All you need to do is pick up specially marked boxes of cereal (I like to find the ones on sale, then use a coupon on them!), cut out the coupon, then go get your free board game! There are lots of games that are $10 or less!

Here are some of the games I can think of from the top of my head:

- Clue - $10
- Clue Carnival - $10
- Yahtzee - $9.99
- Candyland - $7
- Hi Ho Cherry-O - $9

London Drugs
- Partini - $9.99 (good for adults)

Canadian Tire & Walmart
- Monopoly - $10

Of course there are many more board games that are in the $10 range, or close to it. Toys R Us and Zellers also carry games with great promotions. I believe there is a $5 gift card offer at TRU right now, and Zellers has a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off promo happening. This is an AWESOME coupon, and perfect for Christmas gifts! I already picked up 2 cereal (Cocoa Krispies and Frosted Flakes - YUM, sugar! Sale $3.49 a box - $2 coupon = $1.49 ea) and got 2 board games for free, wrapped them up, and delivered them! Woot!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

$1 Chenille Socks @ Old Navy - Today Only!!

Old Navy has been having great sales for the last month, and for December, they are offering different one-day sales. Today's is warm and fuzzy chenille socks for only $1!!! They retail for $5 at Old Navy. I have a few pairs and these are SOOOO cozy, I love them! They are great for wearing around in the house. My sister and I are going there first thing this morning to pick up a bunch for ourselves. These would make great stocking stuffers as well! Go pick yours up now!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Did You Hear About the Morgans? - Movie Review

I went to watch an advanced screening of Did You Hear About the Morgans?, starring Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker last night. It was a pretty predictable romantic comedy. Hugh Grant plays his usual role very well, as the charming English bloke. Sarah Jessica Parker, however, I found extremely annoying. Plus her hands look really old. That's all I could focus on during the whole movie, her hands. And her annoying voice. Ack.

Anyway, the movie is about a couple who are separated, but they witness a murder, so they have to be taken into hiding in Ray, Wyoming. Hilarity ensues, and they end up back together, yadda, yadda, yadda. For those who enjoy any okay rom-coms, this one is for you! For those that like more substantial movies, pass on it. I give it a 1.5 stars out of 4.

Did You Hear About the Morgans? comes out Christmas day. For trailers, click here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

FREE & .com Gift Cards!!!

Yes, you read that right. FREE and gift cards (among other prizes). All you have to do is sign up for these search and win sites:

Swagbucks - this site is a search and win points site, and there are TONS of prizes you can choose from. I have redeemed $10 gift cards already and only a few days away from another $5.

Search & Win

Irazoo - another search site, but this one is super easy to get points. It only takes TEN DAYS to get a $5 gift card!! I have redeemed for about $55 already and just redeemed for another $15 last night! Woot woot! All you have to do is search for w/e you want and then rate and comment!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nine - Movie Review

I went to see an advanced screening of the movie adaption of the musical, Nine. I haven't heard anything about this movie, despite its star-studded cast - Daniel Day Lewis, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz, Judi Dench, Fergie (from Black Eyed Peas), Kate Hudson, Marion Cottilard and Sophia Loren headline this movie. Daniel Day Lewis plays Guido Contini, a director struggling to write his next film. He tries to balance about a bajillion relationships with all the women and he loses his wife to all the lies and affairs. The songs are catchy and anyone who is a fan of the Broadway musical should go see it!

Nine comes out in theatres Christmas day. For more info on the film, check out the website here.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Shoppers Bonus Redemption

Last week was Shopper's Drug Mart's Bonus Redemption weekend, where BC residents get an extra $20 on the maximum (75,000 optimum points) redemption. Whoop de doo (sarcastic). Just last year, Shoppers used to be fair and give all the provinces across Canada an extra $50 on bonus redemption day. That brings your redemption level from $150 to a whopping $200!! This was just when I started collecting Optimum Points seriously, and wasn't at the top redemption level...and when I finally was, they lowered it! ARGH! They haven't brought it back up to $200 ever since, enough though I know a lot of people sent in complaints. I know provinces like Alberta and Ontario and a lot of the other Eastern Canada provinces still receive the $50 bonus. It's not fair that we get ripped off and only get an extra $20. T____T It's not like Shoppers has cheap prices either. It's actually WAY overpriced. If it wasn't for their Optimum Points program, I would probably never go there. Anyway, I redeemed my points last weekend anyway, grudgingly, because I don't want the higher ups yanking my points away, like I know they like to do sometimes (I know it has happened to some people before). Bleh.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Lego Rock Band - Game Review

Sister and I opened up our copy of Lego Rock Band for the Wii last night. Sooo much fun! It's definitely a lot more fun than Rock Band 2 because we actually know some of the songs! My favorite is So What by Pink. Hehehe. I played it again this afternoon. There is a tour option where you can make your own band and everything. This game is great for kids and adults too. The songs are more contemporary, unlike Rock Band 2 where all the songs seem kinda old. I'm going to play it some more later! :D

For more info on Lego Rock Band, click here.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Please sign up for Swagbucks & Irazoo!

I'm in desperate need of referrals for these 2 search engines. The Rock Band 2 drum set has decreased in price on and I'm not sure how long the sale will last. Please sign up!

Search & Win

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Light Before Christmas - Movie Review

During the weekend, I went to see the IMAX film, The Light Before Christmas. It's a stop motion film (which takes forever to make!) which was very impressive, because the movie looked great. The movie was only about 30 minutes long, with a behind the scenes segment after the movie, telling you how stop motion films are made. That part was very interesting to watch. It's basically the Night Before Christmas poem. Great for kids to watch, but maybe a little too kiddy for adults. It's good for getting into the Christmas spirit though!

For more information on this movie and for showtimes, click here

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sunlight Green Clean Laundry Detergent - Product Review

Thanks to the good people at Urbanmoms, I had a chance to try out the newest Sunlight laundry detergent. They sent me a full sized bottle to test out. They come in 4 scents - I received the Orchid Blossom scent (mmmm, smells sooo good)! I tested it out during the weekend doing my 2nd load of laundry (first load I used Greenworks - see posts below) and I must say, my clothes did come out of the wash smelling great. You only need a tiny capful for your whole load too! I believe they are offering a $1.50 coupon for the bottle right now, you just order it online. They are also going on sale next week for about $5!!! Go pick yours up!

To learn more about Sunlight Green Clean laundry detergent, go here.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Rock Band 2 - Game Review

Got a chance to play Rock Band 2 at home, then later on at a party on the PS3. Sooo much fun! I really like the drums. I'm working on getting gift cards via Swagbucks so I can get the drum set for free, so if you could sign up using the link below, I would greatly appreciate it!

The only thing I didn't like about it was that I barely know any of the songs! That makes it difficult for me to follow along, since knowing the rhythm of the song makes it a lot easier to play. Sister wants to get Band Hero because apparently that has more modern and hip songs (really she wants it coz it has Taylor Swift songs, which she likes). I'm hoping to get drums soon (in 6 months if no one signs up :(). I won't have a mic, but no one is going to sing anyway!

Search & Win

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Old Navy Sales! Shopalooza!

Old Navy has been having crazy sales because of Black Friday in the states. They were having a promo with Rock Band as well. Sis woke up way early to get to the mall Friday morning to line up. She was the first one there, and was able to snag a copy of Rock Band 2 for $19.99 to get a FREE Rock Band 2 wireless guitar! Way cool!! :D Gonna play it later on!

Check out Old Navy styles here

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Green - Works!! - Product Review

I finally had a chance to try my free bottle of Greenworks laundry detergent. It smells great and works great! I definitely recommend it to anyone trying to go green. Greenworks cleaning line is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and at least 95% natural. Sweet! I can't wait to try out all the different scents! I have only seen 2 at Superstore - regular and scent-free. Next up, I'll probably have to buy some of the other household cleaners to try! Go run out and buy yours now!

Learn more about Greenworks products here.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tax Free Day at Real Canadian Superstore

The long awaited tax-free days at Superstore is here tomorrow and Friday - hooray! I always look forward to these days because I can use my FPC's to get the items completely free! Woot! Tomorrow I'm picking up my GreenWorks laundry detergent and 2 Clover Leaf flavored tunas. Not too many things this year, but I'm also getting some snacks and stuff that would be awesome if I didn't have to pay tax on it! Whee!

Went to an interview today, it was very disorganized. I won't post details here. Anyway. Can't wait until Christmas + shopping! Wooooo! I'm going to start wrapping gifts LOL. I just wish I knew what my parents are giving to relatives.

ALSO, bonus redemption weekend at Shoppers Drug Mart this weekend! Woohoo, lots of shopping this week! I have enough to redeem twice, to get $340 of free stuff in total! YEAH!!

Please sign up for swagbucks and/or irazoo! I have my eye on getting a wii from so your help would be appreciated! I just got another $15 gift card from irazoo yesterday, so it's a super site to easily get free gift cards from!

Search & Win

Friday, November 20, 2009

Please sign up for irazoo and swagbucks!

I just redeemed for my 2nd $5 gift card from swagbucks! woot woot!
I also have a $15 gift card coming from irazoo. Please sign up using these links below!

Search & Win

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Green Works Laundry Detergent - good for your clothes AND the environment!

The good people at Matchstick has sent me a coupon to try out a bottle of Green Works laundry detergent. I have been wanting to try this line of cleaning supplies for a while now, and now's my chance! I am going to pick it up next weekend and try it on the next load of laundry! Woot! I have heard good things about Green Works dish soap, but no one I know has tried the laundry detergent. Clean clothes? Good! Good for the enviroment? Even better! Check back in a week to see what I think about it!

For more information on Green Works products, check out their website.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story - Game Review

I have been playing Bowser's Inside Story for the past few weeks now. I had to keep referring to a walk-through just to make sure I didn't miss anything! It's not like regular Mario games. Every time there is a baddie you need to fight, you go to a separate screen, and I hate that! Since you are controlling Mario AND Luigi, that can get a little confusing too, since you have to press 2 buttons at once sometimes. You also control Bowser in some parts of game story line. Very interesting. I'm about 3/4 done the game I think. I have to say I like the New Super Mario Brothers Nintendo DS game better. I'm going be buying the Wii version of Super Mario next, as soon as it goes on sale!

Check out the game's website.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box - Game Review

I bought 2 Nintendo DS games last week because Best Buy was having their grand-opening sale at all Lower Mainland stores, so some new DS games were only 2 for $50. I picked up Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.

I sped through Professor Layton in about 4 days. The sequel to Professor Layton and the Curious Village continues on with the adventures of Professor Layton and his apprentice, Luke, hearing about the mysterious Elysian Box, which has killed one of the Professor's collegaues. The pair have to travel through several villages across Europe to find clues about the mysterious box and solves countless (over 150!) puzzles. The cut scenes are beautifully produced and the video quality is excellent. Extras in this game include the chef's hamster, where you find items which can be used to make the hamster exercise.

One thing I didn't like was that you had to keep talking to all the characters, and you never know if you're going to have to read the same message again, or if they will have a puzzle to offer you! Then if you don't find the puzzle, it disappears and you can't do it anymore! I finished the game and I still hadn't found a few of the puzzles. I enjoyed this game better than the first one so I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes puzzles or is a fan of the Professor Layton games.

For more information on this game, go here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Is It - Movie Review

I was able to snag passes to the advanced screening of Michael Jackson's This Is It movie tonight. I had to line up for 2 hrs and 15 mins! Crazy. Anyway, I was a little disappointed, there was no moon walking or that leaning move he does in Smooth Criminal! LOL. The movie wasn't that great. It was just like a bunch of behind the scenes snippets cut and pasted together. :S I wouldn't have paid money to watch it. I guess MJ fans might like it, as a peek at what happens backstage, but I'm sure there are DVDs or music videos or w/e that has similar type footage.

Go here for movie information and showtimes.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Than A Game - Movie Review

Hello, hello! Another night out for an advanced screening of a movie! More Than A Game, which goes back to the roots of basketball star LeBron James and his teammates, back when they were in highschool. I thought it was a great movie and I don't even follow basketball. The footage of the games was great to watch you're at the edge of your seat wondering if they'll make the next basket or not! Plus there were some sweet door prizes, which I unfortunately did not win :( I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, basketball fan or not!

For movie info and showtimes, check here.

Check back tomorrow for the review of the Michael Jackson movie, This Is It!

Friday, October 23, 2009

ck free - New Calvin Klein Fragrance for Men

Matchstick has a new product they are promoting, the new fragrance for men, ck free.
I was sent 10 trial size sprays to test out! So if you are interested in one, please let me know and I will give you one the next time I see you! Make your man smell good! Mmm.

More info on ck Free can be found here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Join Irazoo or Swagbucks for prizes!

Once again I urge you to join Irazoo or Swagbucks, both a search and win site, for great prizes!

at Irazoo, you can get a $5 gift card every 10 days if you meet the 300 pt cap.

at Swagbucks, it's a little slower, but they offer more prizes other than gc's!

Search & Win

Tune in next week for a review of Michael Jackson's This Is It movie! (Yes, going to an advanced screening!)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Movie Review

Such a good movie! This time I did not get advance screening passes - I used my Scene points! And my sis used movie cash that came with a DVD she bought. This movie was so much fun to watch, and so funny! HEEHEE! Great for adults and kids alike! Highly recommend! I can't wait for it to come out on special edition DVD so I can watch extra stuff!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are - Movie Review

Yes, once again, these were free advanced screening passes. But my friend got em this time, and we had to travel a long ways just to see this movie. The theatre was a madhouse, jampacked! The movie was interesting. Very interesting to see how they stretched such a tiny book into a movie. The effects were pretty cool and the locations too. But things didn't get resolved anywhere - either with Max and the Wild Things or Max and his mom! WTH! I mean, the kid makes a mess of things on the island. Then he leaves. Then he goes home and he and his mom doesn't even say anything. Uh okay. Well, I guess the fans of the book might find this movie good (aside from the ending), though I thought it was just left hanging.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Snow White Diamond Edition out on DVD and Blu-Ray!

So another Disney movie has been re-released! This time is the "Diamond Edition" of Snow White, which includes 1 DVD disc and 2 Blu-Ray Discs. Snow White was the first animated movie Disney came out with, so it's a pretty popular movie.
Right now the Disney site is offering a $10 off coupon for the movie, valid until October 10th. You just print it off yourself from the site.

Rexall is selling it for $24.99 this week, so it would only be $14.99 after tax! If you are a Disney movie collector, you will know this is a majorly SWEET DEAL.

My sis took the Rexall flyer to Best Buy, price matched it (BB sells for $31.99) to get the 10% difference ($0.70 - every little bit helps!) to get it for $24.29 - $10 = $16 even after tax. WOOT WOOT, amazing deal! Hurry and get your coupon today!

And of course, don't forget to sign up for swagbucks and irazoo for prices and gift cards!

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Another search & win site that works

If you don't want to only redeem points for gift cards at, check out It's a little harder to earn swagbucks/points but they offer great prizes from gift cards to tv show downloads to collectibles like comics and electronics (ipods, etc.) I have mostly been using irazoo myself, but have redeemed for more gift cards myself here.

Check it out! (you get started off with points if you use the link below)

Search & Win

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Invention of Lying - Movie Review

I was able to snag 4 passes to the premier of The Invention of Lying. Went about an hour early to line up! Crazy. Then they handed out cool tshirts either in navy blue or grey, that said in huge letters "The Truth Hurts" as we filed into the theatre. I thought the movie was pretty funny heheh. Jennifer Garner is sooo perky though. Sheesh. Makes me want to watch Alias again just so I can see her act more tough and angsty LOL. Good movie, I'd recommend it!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get MORE Free gift cards!!!

irazoo is having a summer special where they increased the points cap from 100 to 300 points a day! So if you max out your 300 points everyday, it will only take you TEN days to get enough points for a $5 gift card!!! ZOMG! That's like the fastest ever you can get a prize from any search site I've seen. I've already redeemed for $30 in gift cards since joining, and I'm halfway towards my next $5! Woohoo!

You can sign up by clicking the link below!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still unemployed

Oh noes, it's been almost 4 months now (5 if you include the month I took off for travel) since graduating and still no job. I don't know what to do - I REALLY don't want to go back to school, but it sure looks like I will have to eventually. :( I can just see myself flunking out of all my subjects though, because I have no passion for learning, and no will to do well. UGH. I need to find a career ASAP!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

All About Steve - Movie Review

Yeaaa, got more advanced screening passes to see All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock (my fave actress!) and Bradley Cooper (I hate him)! I thought the movie was quite funny, but that may be biased by the fact that I think Sandra Bullock is great in almost any movie she's in LMAO. Critics think she's too annoying though. Though throughout the movie, I could only focus on the guy's GIANT nose, who play's Sandra's character's friend. All I could think was, is that REAL?! LOL. Anyway, Sandra Bullock fans, I think this is a funny movie. I laugh everytime I see that scene where SB falls into the mine. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I love free movies!

Monday, August 31, 2009

The Cove - Movie Review

I got 4 advanced screening passes to The Cove...wasn't able to go because of family emergency. But when my friend went, the tickets were sold out, I was able to get to go! Woo. I thought the movie was quite interesting and an eye-opener to what happens to dolphins in Taiji. It was similar to Sharkwater (but better I think! and less wobbly cameras that make me motion sick!) so if you are a fan of those types of documentaries, I highly recommend this film!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bollywood Wedding

I went to watch a free outdoor production of Bollywood Wedding, produced by New Works and South Asian Arts. The play was about an arranged marriage, where the groom is a nervous mess and the bride isn't happy with the groom. Hilarity ensues and there is a twist in the end. It's an interactive play, so the audience gets to participate a bit as well. Definitely a lot of fun to watch, a great story and best of all, it was FREE! We were lucky it was sunny that day, as the previous day there was rain (and I believe the production was cancelled). Highly recommend!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Alter Boyz

My sister won a pair of tickets to watch the musical, Altar Boyz from a celebration at the mall. I didn't know what to expect because I have never heard of this play before, but I was checking out the website and it looks pretty funny. And it was! The songs were catchy and fun and the story was light and entertaining. It's based on a group of five boys, Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham, trying to save everyone's soul, one song at a time! I definitely recommed it, it was really fun time!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bolt - New Disney movie

So another new Disney DVD has come out! This time it's Bolt, another family fun movie. I watched this in theatres with my sister, a pretty good movie! The characters are super cute! My sister even went out and splurged on a GIANT Bolt plushie at the Disney store.

I have a blu-ray copy...but no blu-ray player! I'll keep it for now, but not gonna open it yet. Who knows, maybe we will get a blu-ray player soon.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Picked up Disney's Pinocchio DVD a few weeks ago when they first released it. Best Buy was offering a free cup with purchase, and of course, being the Disney fan that I am, went to buy a copy! Haven't gotten a chance to watch it yet, but it is the 2 disc 70th anniversary edition and is packed with bonus features. Probably will open it after exams.