Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stroll Along the Thames #TakePart2012

I took a stroll around the River Thames this morning and it was so nice to see everyone out and about, the excitement of the Olympics and decked in their country's colours. I went around the river and walked down a few streets lined with shops and went down to Trafalgar Square before heading back across the bridge to go back to the hotel. It's such a nice walk, with a lot of things to see. There are many buskers you can take pictures with lining the walk where Jubilee Gardens is. It's very busy along here as there is the London Eye as well as a few other attractions, and a souvenir shop.

I spent the afternoon presenting at Wesfield White City again. The PIN was hopping as more and more people are starting their pin collections and racing to win a new Samsung Galaxy S3. It's always really busy at this location, but it's great as there is always someone to chat to about the S3, London or the Olympics!

Always busy!
The signs above the PIN say "welcome" in different languages!

"Eye" Wish You Were Here #TakePart2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Send a Postcard for Free with the Galaxy Note! #TakePart2012

A regular day of presenting today at the Westfield Samsung PIN. The place was hopping as pin traders all were looking to complete their collections with the rare green Stonehenge and green Kew Gardens pins. A few other things do at the PINs though, including sending a postcard anywhere in the world for free using the Samsung Galaxy Note. You can take your own picture or choose a stock photo of a London landmark. You can also download this app yourself in Google Play, just search Touchnote.

Send your postcard here!
I also wrote about the special London Olympics Galaxy S3 flip cover that you get as a free gift with the purchase of the S3 phone, but now there is another London Olympics design you can choose from! I actually can't decide which one I like better.

Olympics design 2
As for other fun things to do in London, there are the London Olympics mascot statues all around the city, painted with different designs. This is similar to the statues found in Vancouver! I'm trying to take a picture of as many as I can find!

Team GB

Some Olympic merchandise
London Calling

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Presenting at the Samsung PIN #TakePart2012

It was quite a relaxed day today, as we got to meet up late in the morning. We tried taking a car down to Westfield, but many of the roads were closed so half way through we had to switch to the subway. I was slated to go do my first presentation at 1:30, so I was a bit nervous. Afterwards, I was there to support the other Mobilers and do some pin collecting and trading!

Dom presenting features of the Galaxy S3
Everyone is really interested in the phone.
The more exciting part to the day is when magician James Freedman incorporates the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone into his tricks and amazes the audience with magic! Here's a video of his presentation:

Here's a great video of him on TED. Leave a comment if you want to see more!

We all got really into collecting the pins so we did some swapping when we got back to the hotel. It's great seeing the excitement of everyone trying to collect the whole set!

Unofficial Olympic sport

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Samsung Mobile PIN @ Westfield #TakePart2012

With the start of the Olympics, it was time for the Mobi!lers to start presenting at all the Samsung PINs. We all met up in the morning for a group shot before heading our separate ways. My group took the bus to Westfield White City, and it was a pleasant 50 minute long ride through the city. It was nice to see the crowds of people and all the Olympic activities happening.

Mob!ilers from around the world!
The Samsung PIN in Westfield.
Because the CEO of Samsung was visiting this PIN today, our schedule got shuffled around and I did not get the chance to present today. It was very nice to have time to spend at the PIN though. There were many Samsung pin collectors in the area, and it was a lot of fun collecting and trading them. I am determined to get the whole set as it would be a beautiful and memorable souvenir! As you probably know, pin collecting is the unofficial sport of the Olympics. Of course, Samsung made it even more worthwhile to collect pins - the first 100 people who collects all 49 pins, you win a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone!

Mobilers really getting into the Olympic sports!
My pin collection so far.
After time spent at Westfield mall and the Samsung PIN, we returned by bus to the hotel. Because it was a lot busier by the late afternoon, the traffic was pretty terrible and it took about 2 hours to get back! After a nice dinner, we had the evening free, so some of us strolled back to the hotel. Here are some random pictures around the city!

The London Olympic mascot
I can't believe I'm in London!
A blimp in the sky!
The business district of London across the river.
Westminster Palace all lit up.

Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympic Opening Ceremony #TakePart2012

It was an exciting day today as it was the London Olympic opening ceremonies in the evening. Of course, first thing we had to do was prepare for the crowds that the Olympics will bring. We had time to rehearse our presentations on the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and got a few tips about presenting. It was definitely very helpful to run through the presentation in front of everyone.

Getting presenting advice.
Afterwards, we all went to Westfield mall at White City to visit a Samsung PIN. This is where I'm stationed so it was quite nice to have a look around. There was lots of activity here with the Galaxy S3 being demo-ed, as well as the Galaxy Note. Visitors got to play around with the phone and learn about all the cool features of the S3.

The ceiling above the Samsung PIN.
Samsung Galaxy S3 in marble white and pebble blue.
A limited edition London Olympics hard-case for the Galaxy S3 with purchase of the phone!
49 pins to collect from Samsung. The first 100 people who collect them all receive a Galaxy S3 phone!!!

After dinner at The Fire Station, a group of Mobilers went to a nearby community centre to watch the opening ceremonies on a big screen. Luckily it did not rain! The crowd was really into it and I have to say, the ceremony was amazing. And Rowan Atkinson? Easily the best part of the whole thing!

The crowd watches with rapt attention.
We left halfway through the athletes coming out (I gave a huge cheer and jumped around when the Canadian athletes came out!) to see if there would be any fireworks near the river. But we streamed the live feed of the ceremonies on Dom's Galaxy S3 - the picture quality was so clear it was even better than watching on a screen! It was amazing, and pretty surreal - we were right in front of such an iconic location of London during the Olympics. I still can't believe it. 

Dom streaming the opening ceremonies in front of the London Eye.
We wanted to see the reaction of the crowd when the United Kingdom athletes came out, so we moved on to the fair area at Jubilee Gardens, where they had several smaller TV's. We kept streaming the feed on the S3 and the resolution was better and the picture much more sharper than the TV - it was amazing.

The torch being passed on!
At the end, when Paul McCartney came on and sang Hey Jude, everyone started singing along. The atmosphere was just amazing and everyone was elated. The Olympics really bring everyone together, and everyone is so proud of their countries, it's awesome. Check out the clip I took of the crowd singing Hey Jude!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Torch Relay Finale at Hyde Park #TakePart2012

We had an early start to the day (I had to get up at 6:45!) and were given some time to play around with the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and then practice the presentation. After lunch at Pizza Express, we headed down to Hyde Park to participate in the Olympic Torch Relay Finale. It was the last stop of the Olympic Torch before the opening ceremony tomorrow, so Hyde Park was packed with people and everyone was very excited. The mayor of London gave a little speech after the cauldron was lit about how the London 2012 Summer Olympics was going to be the best ever. There were live concerts happening, the highlight being The Wanted, the British-Irish boy band. Plenty of vendors lined the sides for you to purchase food and drinks. Of course, there was some other activities, including the Samsung Pin where you can check out their latest products, enter to win Olympic tickets, and get some swag that includes wristbands and a mobile phone holder. Coca Cola was also there, handing out a cold refreshing drink in the Limited Edition torch relay bottles, and promoting recycling. Cadbury Chocolate will also be open during the Olympics, though unfortunately it was not open today. The weather was scorching hot, and I'm positive I've got a sunburn! It was a great atmosphere at Hyde Park and very exciting to be a part of the Torch Relay celebration!

Some fun with the Naan Android!
A ride to Hyde Park in the official England bus!
Tickets to the Torch Relay Finale
A sea of people there to celebrate.
Samsung PIN
You could get your caricature drawn here.
There were many performances happening on the stage.
Get your cold drink here!

Here's a video of All Time Low performing one of their hit songs, All Time Low!

Mascot Racing @ Hastings Racecourse (Jul 29)

Hastings Racecourse is once again hosting the 4th annual Mascot Racing! This fun event features mascots from around town in a foot race, which includes obstacles (jumping over a rope!). It's a pretty hilarious sight to see. I'm personally cheering for Philbert, the Purdy's Chocolate hedgehog mascot. In the previous two years, he tripped and fell! The races will happen in between the regular horse races.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tour of London #TakePart2012

The morning started early with hands on time with the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone. We were briefed on all the cool features of the phone and just played around with it. Afterwards, we had a long walking tour of London. Our tour guide, Jo, had a lot of different stories of many of the iconic buildings and structures in London and it was really interesting and informative. The tour was almost 4 hours long, but it was nice to be outside just soaking up the culture!

Wellington Arch in Hyde Park
Buckingham Palace - it's been broken into several times!
Guards. So serious.
Union Jack flag!
The Olympics are starting SOON!

A nice break for some Ben & Jerry's at Leicester Square. Believe it or not, it's the first time I've tried B&J.
Countdown clock for the Paralympics.
1 of 4 lions at Trafalgar Square.
Not really Big Ben, is it? ;)
After the tour, we met up for dinner and after that, the Mobilers headed to relax on the grass at Jubilee Gardens, which is only a few steps away from the hotel. There is also a small fair going on next to it, and several of us wanted to ride the Starflyer, which bring you up 70 metres and spins you around. It was actually quite fun and the view was beautiful in the early evening!