Monday, July 30, 2012

Send a Postcard for Free with the Galaxy Note! #TakePart2012

A regular day of presenting today at the Westfield Samsung PIN. The place was hopping as pin traders all were looking to complete their collections with the rare green Stonehenge and green Kew Gardens pins. A few other things do at the PINs though, including sending a postcard anywhere in the world for free using the Samsung Galaxy Note. You can take your own picture or choose a stock photo of a London landmark. You can also download this app yourself in Google Play, just search Touchnote.

Send your postcard here!
I also wrote about the special London Olympics Galaxy S3 flip cover that you get as a free gift with the purchase of the S3 phone, but now there is another London Olympics design you can choose from! I actually can't decide which one I like better.

Olympics design 2
As for other fun things to do in London, there are the London Olympics mascot statues all around the city, painted with different designs. This is similar to the statues found in Vancouver! I'm trying to take a picture of as many as I can find!

Team GB

Some Olympic merchandise
London Calling

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