Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Canada Wins Another Gold!!!

I hope everyone has been soaking in all the Olympic spirit these past few weeks! I have been busy with work and checking out free Olympic events on my days off, so sorry for the lack of posts. I watched Ice Dancing with friends tonight, and YAY, Canada's Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue won the GOLD!!! YEAAAAAAAAH, CANADA!!!! I am so proud! There is still many events to come where Canada is bound to get a medal (men and women's hockey, men and women's curling!) so keep watching. I'll post up some of the pavilions I have been to when I have time!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Vote for My Picture!!!

I entered my sister's pic in a contest, and the person who has the most votes wins a $500 shopping spree! If you vote, you also get a chance to win $500!! Please vote for me!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DanActive - Delicious Probiotic Yogurt Drink!! - Product Review

The good people at BzzAgent sent me a new campaign this month! BzzAgent is an awesome word-of-mouth company that sends out products to people like you to try out, then spread the word. I've done a few already and it's a lot of fun!

This time I get to try Danone DanActive, a probiotic yogurt drink! DanActive is great for strengthening your body's defenses and helps you stay healthy. They come in small bottles, which make great snacks! Mmmm....It comes in four different flavors (I tried blueberry - deeeelicious!) and is sold in packs of 8. I still have a few more $1 off coupons if anyone is interested.

As an extra bonus, there is a contest going on to win a year's supply of DanActive!!! ZOMG! To enter you need a pin number, and if you contact me, I will send you one asap!

Hope everyone goes out and tries DanActive - you won't regret it!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

FREE Amazon Gift Cards & Prizes!! EASY and FAST!

Sign up for Swagbucks! It's easy to do and you get 3 swagbucks right away if you use the link below. I'm thisclose to my next $5 amazon.ca gift card! So far I have cashed out for $80 amazon.ca gift cards. There are other prizes as well, other gift cards, comics, wii consoles, PS3, nintendo DS, you name it! They offer a ton of prizes. All you have to do is search and you might be rewarded with points. The fastest way to earn though, is to enter a swagcode. Usually there is one a day!

Search & Win

Irazoo is another search and win site. They recently changed it so that you can only win points, just like swagbucks, but there may be new ways to earn coming soon. If you live in the states, then you have access to the other prizes as well. Canadians can only get the Amazon gift card.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Merchandise 50% off at London Drugs!

London Drugs has been clearing out all their Olympic items for at least a week already at 50% off everything. The downtown location has been buying Olympic stuff from other LD locations so they do "restock". It's a great time to pick up some souvenirs before everything is gone. There are the mascot plushies, keychains, luggage tags, hats, toques, and I believe pins at some other locations downtown. The best deal is to get the large 16.5 inch Quatchi plush, regular $40, but on sale for $30 minus 50%, selling for only $14.99! Also the set of 4 plushies is only $30. Hurry and go get your Olympic gear now!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Got Them All!! Woohoo!

I found all the McDonald's Happy Meal toys!! Yahoo! I've never searched so hard to get a complete set before, lol. Now I am working on my 2nd set (I should have just bought 2 when I was getting the originals, but didn't want to spend so much money haha). I believe I'm only missing one now, since I have some friends searching for these as well! Wahoo! McDonalds still has them with Happy Meals, so go get yours now!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

FREE Movie TOMORROW!!! The Hangover!!

Yes, ANOTHER freebie this week! At participating theatres, you just bring in your Scene card (movie points card) and you can get a pair of tickets to watch The Hangover for FREE!! Not only that, you also get a bag of free popcorn! And if that's not enough, the first 100 ticket holders also receives a goody bag full of special offers, Scene swag and partner discounts! I am there! For more information on participating theatres, check here.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Free Events During Olympics

Now that the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics are drawing near, you might be wondering what to do if you weren't able to snag tickets to any of the sporting events (or couldn't afford to!). Well, have no fear, there are events going on in Vancouver and neighboring cities that are completely free! Just check out City Caucus here for a guide to free events. Enjoy!

FREE Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's TOMORROW!!!

Tomorrow Denny's restaurants is giving away Grand Slam breakfasts for FREE between 6am and 2pm. Make sure you head on over to your nearest Denny's to get in on a free meal! Unfortunately I have to work and won't be able to make it *boohoo!*

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Please vote for my picture!

I entered my sister's pic in a contest, and the person who has the most votes wins a $500 shopping spree! If you vote, you also get a chance to win $500!! Please vote for me!


The Quest Continues...

I have still been on the search to get the complete collection of Olympic Mascot Happy Meal Toys at Mcdonalds. I try to stop be every Mcdonalds I see, but now that I have started work, it's a little harder to find time. My friend also discovered these toys the other day and is determined to get the complete set as well! She helped me get #4, so now I am only missing the last two (#7 & #8). It's hard - every Mcdonalds I go to only has #1 and 2! *grumble* On another note, I finally found a picture of the toys! Aren't they adorable?? I wish they were plush though, it would have been even cuter!

McDonalds Grand Re-Opening & McCafe

McDonalds all around the Lower Mainland have been renovating their restaurants lately it seems. Once they are done, they all hold some sort of grand re-opening, where they have good deals on some item on their menu, and sometimes they also have prizes! So last weekend, there were grand re-openings at two Mcdonalds, and sister and I decided to go to one of them. There were advertisements about it in the papers all week, and that there would be free cupcakes, free collectible Coca Cola bottle to first 100 customers at McCafe, and prizes to be won. The food specials were 79cents for hamburgers and 99cents for cheeseburgers.

So we arrived at 11am, which was when the events were supposed to start, and we both ordered a hamburger and mocha from the new McCafe. We each were able to get the collectable Coke bottle. Then we entered a contest to win a pair of tickets to the Olympics closing ceremony. After we ate, we lined up to spin the prize wheel. There were lots of prizes to win: a Mcd's olympic water bottle, toque, $5 gift card, pen, Olympic mascot lapel pin, coupon for free Big Mac. When it was finally my turn, I spun the wheel and landed on the toque - YAY! Except...they ran out. So I had to spin again!! I luckily landed on the mascot pin, which was what I wanted anyway. They only had Miga pins left (I really wanted the Quatchi one!). Next my sister spun the wheel and landed on your choice of prizes! She wanted the toque, but since it was all out, she was trying to decide between a pin and a water bottle, and got the bottle (the black one).

Ronald McDonald showed up to do the ribbon cutting and do prizes (which he made any adult who won give it to a kid right away, so guess we weren't eligible). Prizes were a tshirt, ipod shuffle, a complete set of Olympic mascot Happy Meal toys, and a complete set of water bottles, with one autographed by the snowboarder Olympian (forget his name). Then the cupcakes came out, and we each had one.

Sis decided that she wanted to check out the other grand re-opening as well, so after a stop to get some free hockey cards, we went down there. The ribbon cutting was at 1:30, but we didn't make it until 2, and the prize wheel was already over! We made it just in time to catch the last contest for the complete set of water bottles - but before Ronald McDonald could finish asking the question, this man yelled out the answer >:( We were just sitting there politely letting him finish. Humph. But then Ronald was like, okay we will have a bonus question! And I got it - but there was no prize! He said it was a hug. HAH. But after, he said come with me, we'll find you something! He spoke to a McD staff and said there was a tie. She gave me a green water bottle and a coupon for a free extra value meal!

So it's fun to check out grand openings, because you never know what you can get! I look forward to going to the next one!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Pin Trading

With more people from around the world coming into Vancouver, more media are arriving as well. This is also about the time pin collectors and traders show up at Olympic venues with their giant stash of pins. They setup outside with their pins on display and just hang out all day, trading pins with people. I always knew there were people that collected and traded lapel pins, but I had no idea there was such a craze for it! It's insane the amount of pins these people have, and how early the go to start. I mean, don't these people have jobs?!

Pins go for an average of $5 to $8, with larger or special ones being more. I have always collected pin, but passively. I'm afraid that once I buy one from somewhere, I'd HAVE to buy from other places. $8 each time will rack up a huge bill, fast. So I've never bought any pins, and only keep the ones that I get for free! I have a tiny pin collect, most of them from sponsors of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Many of the pin traders only collect Olympic pins, and they go to the Olympics every two years (both summer and winter) to collect and trade their pins! Now that I have seen some of their collections, I have to get in on it. I see everyone with a few lapel pins on their lanyards, and some people get them for free from people who just give it to them!! WHAT! How come I am never that lucky?! Anyway, I am searching for a Coca Cola pin that only CC staff seem to have, a CTV and an NBC pin. I'm determined to get them before the Olympics are over!

Pin trading is an interesting and cool hobby, and you get to meet a lot of great people from all over the world (they travel here just to trade pins at the Olympics!). There are also pin trading clubs you can find, where pin collectors just get together and swap pins! If you're interested in getting in on these pins while they're hot, check out this website to learn the rules of pin trading!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

FREE Amazon gift cards and other prizes - 100% FREE!

Sign up for Swagbucks! It's easy to do and you get 3 swagbucks right away if you use the link below. I have cashed out for five $5 amazon.ca gift cards in January, and have redeemed for a total of $65 amazon.ca gift cards. There are other prizes as well, other gift cards, comics, Wii consoles, PS3, nintendo DS, you name it! They offer a ton of prizes. All you have to do is search and you might be rewarded with points. The fastest way to earn though, is to enter a swagcode. Usually there is one a day!

Search & Win

Another prize site, Superpoints. I just joined it recently, but you basically play the lucky button everyday to win points. You can also search and win, or invite friends, do surveys or complete offers. Every 500 points gets you a $5 Amazon gift card (though there are other prizes to redeem for as well). I just click the super lucky button everyday, and that's about it. It doesn't take very long, and it's a great addition to all the gift cards you can get from Swagbucks.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's Coming...

The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics is starting in 9 days! After a seven year wait, I can't believe it's finally here. The city has been working hard to build new venues and fix up old ones, getting it ready for the games. We now have the Canada Line, a skytrain that goes between the YVR Airport and Waterfront Station in downtown Vancouver. The new Richmond Olympic Oval will host speed skating events, and the UBC Winter Sports Centre will have ice hockey games. The excitement is palpable when you head downtown. Many buildings are decorated Olympic themes, and store shelves are lined with Olympic merchandise. And who can forget those cute Olympic mascots? While I agree they are not the best representatives of Vancouver, and that they were probably chosen for their marketability and commercialization to children, who can resist those cuties?! In just a little over a week, Vancouver will be bustling with visitors from around the world. It's an amazing feeling to be part of it and I look forward to the start of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Paid to Click Site

Now here's an interesting paid to click site I found yesterday. It's called Ten Dollar Click. Just like any other paid to click site, you click on websites and you get paid for them. The only difference is you get $10 per click (you need to stay on the website for 1 minute). Cashout is at $10,000 - that's only 1000 clicks. So far I have been getting at least 5 clicks a day, so it would take less than a year to get your payout! Give it a try, it can't hurt!

FREE Secret Flawless Deoderant!!

Walmart has a sale on Secret Flawless Deoderant at 2 for $3.32 ($1.66 each). Time to use those $1.50 off Secret Deoderant coupons from the P&G Brandsaver flyers that came last month, or the ones you ordered online!! That makes it only 16cents each!!

Even better is if you take Walmart's flyer and go to Zellers, then price match it. With your SPC 10% discount, it only comes to $1.49. Minus the $1.50 coupon and it's FREE! You even get credited 1 penny! Of course you have to pay the tax still, which is 17 cents. AMAZING deal! I picked up 4 today, go get yours now! Also if you are at Zellers, it would be a great time to use your $2 Vaseline coupons to get the Vaseline Lotion (on sale for $2) for FREE!

The Elusive Quest for McDonald's Happy Meal Toys

McDonald's recently came out with their newest Happy Meal Toys - eight uber cute Vancouver 2010 Olympic mascot toys in various sports. They are plastic toys that move and can link up together. So far I have 5 of them (I traded in 5 toys that I didn't want for them) and I have been to about six McDonald's. I only have 2 Quatchi, 2 Miga and 1 Quatchi with Miga. No Sumi to be found! I'm determined to find the whole collection! I can't find a picture of them online, I guess it's really new still. The Happy Meal website still has Alvin toys up. I took a picture of the complete set, and I'll post it when I'm not feeling lazy haha. Anyways, you can go and buy a Happy Meal and get your own Olympic mascot toy, or just get the toy itself for about $2 and change! It beats spending $10-$40 for a plush toy that are sold in stores!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Saint John of Las Vegas - Movie Review

I got passed to an advanced screening again and went to see it tonight. Saint John of Las Vegas stars Steve Buscemi as an ex-gambler John who has to work with insurance-fraud investigator Virgil (Romany Malco). They have to head to Vegas to investigate an insurance claim. The story line gets a little muddled in the middle and was a bit slow. There are a few laughs in the movie, but nothing too outstanding. Sarah Silverman plays John's girlfriend, though it was completely unbelievable how they got there. The beginning of the movie, they were just coworkers, then all of a sudden, she's all like, I love you?? Highly unlikely. Sarah Silverman is usually so funny, but her talents were wasted here. I wouldn't recommend this movie, go watch something more worthwhile!

FREE Vaseline Lotion This Week!

Zellers has Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion on sale this week for only $2. And guess what? There is a $2 off any Vaseline lotion coupon from Save.ca you can order. I only had one, but I was able to pick up my free bottle on Saturday! I tried it last night, it's pretty good! They are the 325ml bottles, and comes in scented and unscented. Hurry up and pick up you free bottle of Vaseline today! Even if you don't use it yourself, it would make a great addition to a beauty gift basket, or a donation to a women's shelter or you can give it to a friend or family member. The sale ends on Thursday!