Thursday, September 27, 2012

Free Large Coffee @ 7-Eleven (Sept 28)

7-Eleven is celebrating National Coffee Day by offering a free large coffee from 6 to 10am, Friday, September 28th. If you're not a coffee drinker, this offer is valid for any hot beverage!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inamo - Part 3

The last group arrived a week later and as a welcome dinner, we went back to Inamo. I admit some of the novelty had worn off, but it was still kind of cool to play games with your dining partner! We had several appetizers to share, before I had my main of the Tamarind Duck Breast.

This time, the service was terrible. While I understand we had a large group, but getting a drink you ordered at the beginning of the meal at the end of the meal is just ridiculous. We called on the servers several times, but were ignored, and the food was extremely late for several members of our party, including a sizzling beef dish brought to the table that wasn't cooked.  The rest of the restaurant wasn't terribly busy, and the service was inexcusable. Everyone was in a poor mood after, which was really sad, as it was supposed to be a celebratory welcome dinner!

Baby pork ribs.
Chicken satay with peanut sauce.
Again, we had the sashimi nigiri dish. The salmon is best!
Tuna sashimi with tobiko.
Tamarind duck breast with tomato and mazuna salad and tamarind sauce.
Pandan macaroon & yuzu flavoured white chocolate mousse with lemongrass & coconut sorbet. It was not presented as beautifully as last time.
Close up of the yumminess. I actually wasn't a fan of the filling.
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Inamo - Part 2

A week later, we returned to Inamo with a new group. I decided to try the Sizzling Beef dish that others had last time and looked good. I was actually a little disappointed with it, though it was presented very nicely. This time, we made sure to stay for dessert! They were all created beautifully! I had the sorbet myself (very sour!!).

The bar.
A living wall.
Edamame beans with rock salt for an appetizer.
The sashimi nigiri set again. One of my favorite appetizers!
I think this was battered squid? It was spicy!
Sizzling beef - filet of beef with ginger and garlic sauce.
Homemade sorbet.
Vanilla crème brulee with strawberry and lemongrass coulis.
Coconut cheesecake with cherry sorbet and sour cherries.
Pandan macaroon & Yuzu flavoured white chocolate mousse with lemongrass & coconut sorbet.
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Inamo - Part 1

Located in Soho, London, Inamo serves pan-asian fusion food. The cool thing about this restaurant is the interactive ordering system. There are projectors above your table that makes your table into the menu. You place your orders through here, can check the bill, watch chefs prepare your meal with the kitchen camera, and even play games like battleship with the person you're sitting across from! Other fun things to do is change the image projected on the table, so you can sweeping landscapes to fun shapes and colours. It was a very cool experience to dine here, and the food was not too bad. We had appetizers to share, which were delicious. For the main, I tried a Beijing style roasted duck with hoi sin sauce and a salad. While it was pretty good, it doesn't nearly come close to the delicious duck wraps I have had in Vancouver restaurants. Plus the salad seemed to be made only of parsley, so I didn't eat it.  We all ordered dessert, but had to leave before it even arrived at our table! Definitely check out Inamo, just to experience this in-your-hands dining experience!

The tables are white, but the projected images make it very colourful.
This is the touch pad you use to scroll and order your food.

Tropical Storm - an interesting combination of passion fruit, lime, guava and cinnamon.
Salmon sashimi roll.
Hamachi, salmon and tuna nigiri.
Duck with Pancakes - Beijing style dish of roasted duck served with hoi sin sauce and a side of salad (I think it was just parsley).
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pictures from Jason Mraz Concert @ Rogers Arena (Sept 21)

I was one of the lucky winners to receive a pair of tickets to the Jason Mraz concert Friday night from the Rogers Wireless Box Office. I've been a Mraz fan for a while now, so I was very excited to see him live! Christina Perri opened for him, performing her hits including Jar of Hearts and A Thousand Years. Jason Mraz was amazing live, and it was fun to sing along to his songs. My favorites songs from his new album are Woman I Love and Living in the Moment. He sang some of his older songs too, which was really good. It was a great concert, and I wish it had lasted even longer! Here are some pictures and videos from the concert.

Jason Mraz came out to introduce Christina Perri.
Christina Perri

Mraz performed for two hours!
He was so friendly and nice!

The brass.

Barefoot for the whole concert!

Crazy cool percussion.

Performing some songs acoustically.
More and more people joined him on stage and the song went on.

Jason Mraz and Christina Perri performing together during an encore.

I took a few videos from the concert. Check out my YouTube Channel for more videos of Christina Perri and Jason Mraz.