Monday, September 03, 2012

Irish Pub O'Neill's in Chinatown, London

We had dinner at O'Neill's one night, an Irish pub located in Chinatown. We were seated upstairs, which was less crowded and noisy. Olympic games were playing on the television inside, which was great. They served typical pub food, wings, deep fried everything. I opted for a salad, but I don't think all the ingredients listed on the menu was put into it! O'Neill's was a fun place to go, definitely for the pub experience (also because it is located in such a cool area!).

Located in Chinatown.

A sharing platter with onion rings, lamb & cumin koftas, Irish pork and leek sausages, garlic ciabatta and beer battered mushrooms.
Chicken wings with Peri Peri sauce.
Grilled chicken and bacon salad. The menu says it has peppers, tomatoes, celeriac slaw, apple, and croutons. But the salad only had the chicken, bacon (not american bacon!), and onions!

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