Sunday, September 09, 2012

Etsy Craft Party - Creativity Abound!

The 3rd annual Etsy Craft party happened in Vancouver last Friday night, with everyone gathering at Blim, in the heart of Chinatown. The main craft activities included creating a vintage postcard decorating, glass jar decorating and travel journal decorating. The tables were packed when I arrived, so J and I started with the smaller activities such as using the print press, button making and canvas painting. I had quite a lot of fun - I didn't think I would take so long making my postcard but there were a lot of beautiful paper, stickers and other supplies to sort through! The only gripe that I and other people had was that there were not enough pairs of scissors. All the party goers also received a goodie bag that included a spool of ribbon, a bogo Blenz card, and some other samples.

J operating the printing press.
"Wish you were here."
The bookmarks we created.
Our favourite activity - button making!

J working on her masterpiece.
Mine is the grey blobby one that I call interpretive art. I see mountains, J sees a rainy scene - what do you see?
At the end of the night, I went back to take a look at what other people painted! There were a lot of creative ones!
People were really getting into decorating their journals.

I chose to make a vintage postcard.
I must have spent over an hour doing this - time just flew by!
I made my postcard double sided.
The place was packed with craft-lovers!
Fill out this survey here with your feedback about the Etsy Craft Party if you attended, and also to bring Etsy Meet & Make to Vancouver (like a mini craft party that meets more often!)

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