Monday, September 10, 2012

A Korean Restaurant Named Kimchee

On one of our last nights in London, we went to another Korean restaurant. The place was called Kimchee, which I thought was pretty cute! We had a lot of the typical Korean dishes like kimchee, seafood and green onion pancake and beef bulgogi, which were all delicious (I didn't try the kimchee though). The portion sizes were small though, so Kimchee is a nice place to go with someone else so you can order several dishes and share. The food was all very good and tasted pretty authentic! They have a drink menu with a ton of special drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), but I didn't get to order anything too special, so I don't have any photos!

The place mat was so pretty!
Cabbage kimchee
Seafood and green onion pancake - one of my favourite dishes!
Pan-fried gyozas
Tofu soup with enoki mushrooms.
The rice came in adorable bowls!
Beef bulgogi.
Fatty pork belly

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Brand adam said...

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