Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inamo - Part 2

A week later, we returned to Inamo with a new group. I decided to try the Sizzling Beef dish that others had last time and looked good. I was actually a little disappointed with it, though it was presented very nicely. This time, we made sure to stay for dessert! They were all created beautifully! I had the sorbet myself (very sour!!).

The bar.
A living wall.
Edamame beans with rock salt for an appetizer.
The sashimi nigiri set again. One of my favorite appetizers!
I think this was battered squid? It was spicy!
Sizzling beef - filet of beef with ginger and garlic sauce.
Homemade sorbet.
Vanilla crème brulee with strawberry and lemongrass coulis.
Coconut cheesecake with cherry sorbet and sour cherries.
Pandan macaroon & Yuzu flavoured white chocolate mousse with lemongrass & coconut sorbet.
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