Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inamo - Part 3

The last group arrived a week later and as a welcome dinner, we went back to Inamo. I admit some of the novelty had worn off, but it was still kind of cool to play games with your dining partner! We had several appetizers to share, before I had my main of the Tamarind Duck Breast.

This time, the service was terrible. While I understand we had a large group, but getting a drink you ordered at the beginning of the meal at the end of the meal is just ridiculous. We called on the servers several times, but were ignored, and the food was extremely late for several members of our party, including a sizzling beef dish brought to the table that wasn't cooked.  The rest of the restaurant wasn't terribly busy, and the service was inexcusable. Everyone was in a poor mood after, which was really sad, as it was supposed to be a celebratory welcome dinner!

Baby pork ribs.
Chicken satay with peanut sauce.
Again, we had the sashimi nigiri dish. The salmon is best!
Tuna sashimi with tobiko.
Tamarind duck breast with tomato and mazuna salad and tamarind sauce.
Pandan macaroon & yuzu flavoured white chocolate mousse with lemongrass & coconut sorbet. It was not presented as beautifully as last time.
Close up of the yumminess. I actually wasn't a fan of the filling.
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