Monday, February 28, 2011

Free Sample of Kellgg's Fibre Plus Cereal

Kellogg's is offering a free sample of their Fibre Plus cereal! You have two flavours to choose from, Summer Berry or Brown Sugar. I opted for the Summer Berry myself, since I love berries in my cereal! Yum! Sign up for your free sample here.

Save $10 on Bambi 2 DVD/Blu-Ray Combo Pack

Disney is re-releasing Bambi as a Diamond Edition, in a Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack! Once again, they are offering a $10 off coupon that is good until March 8th. Print off your coupon here and remember to go during the first week the movie is released to get the best deals!

Disney Epic Mickey - 50% off @ Superstore

One of the newer games that came out recently was Disney's Epic Mickey. Superstore is having an amazing 50% off sale on the game this week, for only $24.99! I love it when they have half off video game sales! Quantities will be limited so go early! Remember you can also price match at other electronic stores, such as Best Buy, Futureshop and Zellers.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

IHOP National Pancake Day (Mar 1)

IHOP is once again celebration National Pancake Day by offering a free short stack of pancakes. In return, leave a donation for the Children's Miracle Network-Hospitals! This is a great cause with great food involved too. Last year IHOP was able to raise over $2.1 million for charity, and this year's goal is to raise $2.3 million! This event is happening on Tuesday, March 1st from 7am to 10pm. Check out the IHOP website for more details.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free Best of Vancouver 2010 DVD & Luggage Tag, Feb 26-27 (Lower Mainland Only)

Some interesting freebies offered by the Olympic Merchandise Warehouses this weekend! Get a Best of Vancouver 2010 DVD and a luggage tag when you visit either stores in Vancouver or Burnaby. Also if you spend $20 or more, you will receive a reusable Visa tote bag as a gift (not really worth it, these bags are everywhere!). Definitely go check it out this weekend, the DVD might be interesting to watch!

The two locations of the Olympic Merchandise Warehouses are at 8410 Ontario St in Vancouver and 6741 Cariboo Rd in Burnaby.

More information on the warehouse locations and hours, go here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Free Miga Plushies, Feb 19-20 (Lower Mainland Only)

Continuing on with the freebies, the Olympic Warehouses are handing out 9.5 inch Miga olympic mascot plush toys again this weekend. There is a limit of one plushie per person, while supplies last. There is no family limit though, so take the kids too! Go early to ensure you get one before they run out.

The two locations of the Olympic Merchandise Warehouses are at 8410 Ontario St in Vancouver and 6741 Cariboo Rd in Burnaby.

More information on the warehouse locations and hours, go here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Am Number Four - Movie Review

I Am Number Four, based on the novel by Jobie Huges and James Frey, stars Alex Pettyfer playing an alien (Number Four) who had to flee his home planet, Lorien, to hide from an invading species who have destoyed their planet, the Mogadorians (who has an uncanny resemblance to Lord Voldermort from Harry Potter). There are nine alien children who were sent to Earth, all with a guardian to protect them as they grow up. They develop powers as they grow, called Legacies, and each of the nine has different powers. John Smith (Pettyfer) has to move everytime he might be discovered and he moves to Paradise, Ohio, going to highschool there where he meets Sarah Hart (Dianna Agron), who loves photography. Number Four falls in love with Sarah, but when the Mogadorians find him, he has to learn to control his powers and protect the people he cares about.

I haven't read the book and after watching the movie trailer, I still didn't know what to expect, so going into this movie was a bit of a surprise. I thought it was a very interesting story, though very typical and similar to countless tv showers, movies and books we've all seen and read before (boy has superpower, gets girl, must save world - sound familiar? Much like Smallville or Spiderman) but there are some good special features to keep you entertained and may make it worthwhile to watch in theatres. I Am Number Four is not exactly the best movie I've seen in a while, but I think younger audiences would enjoy it.

I Am Number Four comes out in theatres February 18th.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Free coffee @ McDonalds (Feb 28-Mar 6)

If you didn't get enough of free breakfast items at McDonalds last week, they are now bringing back the free small coffee at McDonalds! People have said McDonalds make the best coffee and there are always huge line ups for them when they have this offer. The free small coffee offer is good all day during the promotion, not just during breakfast hours.

Friday, February 11, 2011

50% off Tazo Tea Lattes @ Starbucks (Feb 11-20)

Starbucks is bringing back their 50% off Tazo Tea Lattes this week, from 2-5pm everyday between February 11-20. The offer is valid for any size and flavor of Tazo Tea at participating Starbucks.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics 1-year Anniversary Celebrations!

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and there are tons of celebrations going on in the city. One of them is happening at Robson Square, starting at 9am to 11pm on Saturday, February 12th. There will be free skating and entertainment, athlete appearances, and also free admission to the Vancouver Art Gallery from 10am to 5pm. If you are at Robson Square by 10am, you also get a chance to win an awesome Canucks prize pack that includes 4 tickets to the game that night, dinner and passes to the post-game press conference.

Illuminate Yaletown (Feb 11-12) - Lower Mainland Only

Illuminate is coming back for two days to celebrate the anniversary of the 2010 Olympics! From 6pm on February 11 to 10:30pm on February 12, check out this free winter party with light art at several sites! This should be a fun and interesting thing to do this weekend!

Free Quatchi Plushie & Coin Purse, Feb 12-13 (Lower Mainland Only)

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics! The Olympic Merchandise Warehouses are celebrating by once again offering a DOUBLE freebie this weekend! Saturday and Sunday only, get a free 13.5 inch Quatchi plushie AND a coin purse just for showing up at the store! There is a limit of one plushie/coin purse set per person, but no family limit, while supplies last. Make sure to go early as they may run out quickly.

Be sure to check out the other stuff they have in store as well, as they get new merchandise every week. They now have the 5-disc DVD boxed set of the Olympic Winter Games from CTV. This went for about $60 during the Olympics and it has been advertised for 50% off.

The two locations of the Olympic Merchandise Warehouses are at 8410 Ontario St in Vancouver and 6741 Cariboo Rd in Burnaby.

More information on the warehouse locations and hours, go here.

From Prada to Nada - Movie Review

From Prada to Nada is a Latino spin on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Camilla Belle and Alexa Vega play sisters Nora and Mary who are left penniless after their father suddenly dies and they find out he is bankrupt They discover they have a long-lost half brother and with him, his fiancee who sends the two sisters packing. They then have to move in with their aunt who lives in East Los Angeles, which is very different from the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

The movie was a bit awkwardly put together and was a bit hard to believe, especially the love stories each of the sisters had. Okay, make that very hard to believe. It felt very rushed at the end, sort of like, oh wait a minute, the movie is ending, the characters better get together now! I found myself falling asleep near the end of the movie (though it was probably from all the chemical fumes I inhaled at work today!!). There were a few good laughs, and it was nice that the girls started to embrace their Mexican heritage, but this is no Oscar winner by far.

From Prada to Nada comes into theatres February 11th.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Free Purdy's Chocolate Heart @ Brentwood Mall (Feb 14)

Brentwood Town Centre is celebrating Valentines Day by handing out a Purdy's Chocolate foil heart when you visit the Customer Service Kiosk. This is only going on for one day, Monday, February 14 next week. It's a nice little chocolate treat if you are shopping at the mall already!

2 Fries/Soft Drink/Dip for $5.50 @ New York Fries (Feb 12-14)

New York Fries sent out a coupon in their newsletter today for a Valentine's special! From February 12-14, bring in your coupon to get 2 regular fries, 2 soft drinks and 2 dips for only $5.50! I've never been to NYF (or at least not in a loooong while) so I'm not sure about the regular pricing on their food, but it sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Mmm, greasy fries...!

Sign up for New York Fries' newsletter to get your coupon!

Apple iPad 16gb for $448 @ XSCargo

XSCargo is selling 16gb Apple iPads for $448 this week, which is a good $101 off from a new one at the Apple Store. However, they are refurbished, so it's a bit sketchy for me, but you might be fine with that! The sale is on from February 10-14.

There are many other great deals here (however a lot of their electronics are refurbished models, so be wary!) that might be worth checking out. My mum loves shopping here, she's bound to go everytime she heads down to Richmond! There are 6 locations in BC, go to their website for more info!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Tastygo - Another Groupon type site!

Tastygo has been newly launched and it has groupon type deals for restaurants and food related coupons! Today's (actually it's good for 3 days) deal seems worth getting, it's only $2 for $10 worth of Mexican food at Adobo Burrito. The location of this restuarant is downtown Vancouver, on Howe Street. Mmm, tacos.

Check out Tastygo here.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Year of Science - Sport and Science Expo - Feb 11/11 (Lower Mainland Only)

There will be a celebration of the Year of Science on February 11, 2011 from 10am to 4pm. An expo of science and sport, this will be held at Robson Square Plaza and ice rink. There will be top BC atheletes present, displays and activities, and presentations going on that day. The ice rink will also be opened and should be interesting to check out if you are free that day. For more information, go here.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Free MukMuk Plushie, Feb 5-6 (Lower Mainland Only)

The Olympic Merchandise Warehouses are once again offering a freebie this weekend. Saturday and Sunday only, get a free 9.5 inch MukMuk plushie just for showing up at the store! There is a limit of one plush per person, but no family limit, while supplies last. Make sure to go early as they may run out quickly.

If you are planning to purchase other items, the offer this week is spend $35 and receive a free 12.5 inch Miga plush or spend $70 and receive a free 16.5 inch Quatchi plush.

The two locations of the Olympic Merchandise Warehouses are at 8410 Ontario St in Vancouver and 6741 Cariboo Rd in Burnaby.

More information on the warehouse locations and hours, go here.

LunarFest - Feb 3-13 (Lower Mainland Only)

The annual LunarFest is here, a celebration of Asian arts and culture. Hundreds of school kids take part in the festival by making paper lanterns where it is displayed to the public. Last year, during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, there was a lantern forest on Granville Street. This year it's been moved to the outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery with a lantern aquarium! Everything is underwater themed, and there are many events going on, from parades to lantern making! For more information on LunarFest, check out their website here.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Free Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich (Feb 9-10)

McDonalds is introducing a new breakfast sandwich line, the Buttermilk Biscuit! It's pretty much the same choices as a McMuffin: sausage, sausage egg and cheese or bacon egg and cheese. It's guaranteed to be extra greasy, so if you're watching your calories, skip this one! This offer may vary by location, so you probably should confirm with your McD's if they are participating. Also there will probably be a long line up because people go crazy over free McDonalds!!