Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rent Textbooks with Campus Book Rentals - Save Money

I remember when I was going to university, the first week of school was a hassle because you had to go to the bookstore, find the correct textbooks, wait in a massive line up, and then drop what probably feels like your entire savings on one textbook. I know how expensive textbooks can be - the total cost per semester probably ends up costing the equivalent of a course! Some textbooks end up costing nearly $200! The worst is when you end up barely using the textbook, and the bookstore will only buy back the book for 50% of the original cost.

Luckily, students can now rent textbooks! This is actually the first I've heard of it, and it's such a great idea and an even greater way to save money. Campus Book Rentals offers a textbook rental service and have been around since 2007. Renting books online is easy - just search for the book you need by title, author or keyword and bam - you don't even need to get out of your jammies! You have the option of choosing how long you want the textbook for (at different prices) and shipping is free. Campus Book Rentals gives you access to live customer support, a 30-day risk-free guarantee and is free to join! They even offer giveaways on their Twitter and Facebook pages. If you have old textbooks lying around, you can also sell them to Campus Book Rentals. Save a little money, make your life easier - what more could you ask for? Oh yeah, a referral program where you get $5  for every friend that joins.

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