Saturday, July 28, 2012

Samsung Mobile PIN @ Westfield #TakePart2012

With the start of the Olympics, it was time for the Mobi!lers to start presenting at all the Samsung PINs. We all met up in the morning for a group shot before heading our separate ways. My group took the bus to Westfield White City, and it was a pleasant 50 minute long ride through the city. It was nice to see the crowds of people and all the Olympic activities happening.

Mob!ilers from around the world!
The Samsung PIN in Westfield.
Because the CEO of Samsung was visiting this PIN today, our schedule got shuffled around and I did not get the chance to present today. It was very nice to have time to spend at the PIN though. There were many Samsung pin collectors in the area, and it was a lot of fun collecting and trading them. I am determined to get the whole set as it would be a beautiful and memorable souvenir! As you probably know, pin collecting is the unofficial sport of the Olympics. Of course, Samsung made it even more worthwhile to collect pins - the first 100 people who collects all 49 pins, you win a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone!

Mobilers really getting into the Olympic sports!
My pin collection so far.
After time spent at Westfield mall and the Samsung PIN, we returned by bus to the hotel. Because it was a lot busier by the late afternoon, the traffic was pretty terrible and it took about 2 hours to get back! After a nice dinner, we had the evening free, so some of us strolled back to the hotel. Here are some random pictures around the city!

The London Olympic mascot
I can't believe I'm in London!
A blimp in the sky!
The business district of London across the river.
Westminster Palace all lit up.

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