Sunday, July 29, 2012

Presenting at the Samsung PIN #TakePart2012

It was quite a relaxed day today, as we got to meet up late in the morning. We tried taking a car down to Westfield, but many of the roads were closed so half way through we had to switch to the subway. I was slated to go do my first presentation at 1:30, so I was a bit nervous. Afterwards, I was there to support the other Mobilers and do some pin collecting and trading!

Dom presenting features of the Galaxy S3
Everyone is really interested in the phone.
The more exciting part to the day is when magician James Freedman incorporates the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone into his tricks and amazes the audience with magic! Here's a video of his presentation:

Here's a great video of him on TED. Leave a comment if you want to see more!

We all got really into collecting the pins so we did some swapping when we got back to the hotel. It's great seeing the excitement of everyone trying to collect the whole set!

Unofficial Olympic sport

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