Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympic Opening Ceremony #TakePart2012

It was an exciting day today as it was the London Olympic opening ceremonies in the evening. Of course, first thing we had to do was prepare for the crowds that the Olympics will bring. We had time to rehearse our presentations on the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and got a few tips about presenting. It was definitely very helpful to run through the presentation in front of everyone.

Getting presenting advice.
Afterwards, we all went to Westfield mall at White City to visit a Samsung PIN. This is where I'm stationed so it was quite nice to have a look around. There was lots of activity here with the Galaxy S3 being demo-ed, as well as the Galaxy Note. Visitors got to play around with the phone and learn about all the cool features of the S3.

The ceiling above the Samsung PIN.
Samsung Galaxy S3 in marble white and pebble blue.
A limited edition London Olympics hard-case for the Galaxy S3 with purchase of the phone!
49 pins to collect from Samsung. The first 100 people who collect them all receive a Galaxy S3 phone!!!

After dinner at The Fire Station, a group of Mobilers went to a nearby community centre to watch the opening ceremonies on a big screen. Luckily it did not rain! The crowd was really into it and I have to say, the ceremony was amazing. And Rowan Atkinson? Easily the best part of the whole thing!

The crowd watches with rapt attention.
We left halfway through the athletes coming out (I gave a huge cheer and jumped around when the Canadian athletes came out!) to see if there would be any fireworks near the river. But we streamed the live feed of the ceremonies on Dom's Galaxy S3 - the picture quality was so clear it was even better than watching on a screen! It was amazing, and pretty surreal - we were right in front of such an iconic location of London during the Olympics. I still can't believe it. 

Dom streaming the opening ceremonies in front of the London Eye.
We wanted to see the reaction of the crowd when the United Kingdom athletes came out, so we moved on to the fair area at Jubilee Gardens, where they had several smaller TV's. We kept streaming the feed on the S3 and the resolution was better and the picture much more sharper than the TV - it was amazing.

The torch being passed on!
At the end, when Paul McCartney came on and sang Hey Jude, everyone started singing along. The atmosphere was just amazing and everyone was elated. The Olympics really bring everyone together, and everyone is so proud of their countries, it's awesome. Check out the clip I took of the crowd singing Hey Jude!

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