Saturday, December 26, 2009

How did you make out on Boxing Day? Lots of deals?

My sister and I woke up the earlier ever to go boxing day shopping this year. Got up at 3am, and was out the door by 3:30 (already late!). Sis dropped me off at Best Buy, and I was early enough that I got to wait inside, away from the cold! My sister went off to line up at Futureshop. Doors opened at 6am, and I picked up an Insignia Blu-Ray player for $79.99. Also got two Nokia bluetooth headsets with charger for $19.99 each. Mine is the BH-105 model. Sister got Samsung Blu-Ray, James Bond Quantum of Solace blu-ray movie for $9.99.

Then off to Zellers at 6:40 to see if I could get Just Dance game for Wii at 50% off...unfortunately, they don't even stock it!! GRRR!!! So I check out Toys R Us for Super Mario 64 Nintendo DS Lite game on sale at $24.97. It's such an old game, but I've never seen it on sale until now! Regular price is $39.99. ONLY, Toys R Us wasn't even open! *grumble* I then rush over to Superstore to see if I could score some half price chocolate, but everything good seemed to have been snatched up already, plus this year they didn't even have a lot of discounted candies!

Next stop was Old Navy, where the sweaters my sister and I were eying were discounted to $14. There was a 25% off any item coupon in the flyer, but I didn't have one, so I asked my cashier if I could still get the discount, and she asked the manager who said okay, so woot woot!! Sister wasn't so lucky though :S But she did use her $5 gift card she won last week from the Ferrero Rocher mall tour!

Afterwards, we headed to Lush to check out their sales. It was buy 1 get 1 free boxed set or buy 1 soap/holiday item get 2 free. We picked up 3 bath bombs. Then we went to Mcd's to refuel and get breakfast! Mmm, big breakfast. Before we left, we went to Black's Photography to get our free camera phone lens cleaner, a $19.99 value! Woot!

We jumped into the car and headed towards Walmart. Sister got a few dvds for $5 each, one for $2.97. Got The Love Guru, Premonition, and Lady in the Water. She also got a DS game, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon at $14.83 minus a $5 Nintendo coupon. A 4 litre jug of chocolate milk was also discounted for $2 since it expires end of the year, so sis and I got a jug.

Then we went next door to Pet Smart to use my 3 free Purina Pro Plan dry cat food coupons. (They have a BOGO sale atm, so it will be cheaper for those without any coupons). Sis had to buy a snail to get the computer system to let the tax be taken off. Starbucks was next to warm up with a mocha, bought using my points from my Starbucks Duetto Visa. Yum, free coffee!

Popped over to our 2nd Superstore next, where we picked up Live by Jennifer Lopez perfume. Apparently designer perfumes were going for 75% off, and there was a huge crowd, but they didn't seem to be that discounted to me.  Also got a triangular box of mini Toblerone chocolates at half price! We gave that to our grandpa. We then went to another mall to check out the Walmart there. Sister wanted to see if there were any DVDs. Didn't really find any good deals, but did get a few boxes of seashell chocolates that mum can use for gifts. After that, we went to yet another mall to check out the Zellers there for Just Dance - no luck. I had the cashier call 2 other Zellers near me, but nothing. I don't think any of the Zellers in BC had this game in stock! False advertising to lure people in the store! Humph. Ended up getting a Glysomed 3 piece gift set on for 50% off, for $9.99 - 10% SPC discount. Sister also found a 3 movie in 1 DVD with cartoon movies she liked.

We headed home after that. There wasn't as many good deals as there we last year, but I hope everyone was able to at least find something the liked! Remember, there are still pretty good sales going on for the rest of the week, so if you missed out today, go tomorrow!

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