Sunday, September 19, 2010

Train Concert @ The Commodore Ballroom

My sister won a pair of tickets to Train from Rogers and the concert was last night at the Commodore Ballroom. We arrived at 7:30 to wait in line (it was massive already) and doors opened at 8. By the time we got inside, all the seats were taken, so we just went on the floor.

Ryan Star opened up for Train at 9:30 and he played a few songs until 10. His stuff is pretty good, but I think a lot of people were more interested in Train coming on stage lol. After what seemed like ages of set up, Train finally came on at 10:30! Woohoo! They were awesome, playing favorites like If It's Love, Save Me San Francisco and Hey, Soul Sister. There were audience participation, where seven girls got to go up to be "Trainettes". Lot of tshirts were thrown out to the crowd and Pat even did some crowd surfing (but it didn't last long because I think he was afraid he would fall haha)! At the end of the show, the guys threw out their guitar picks and drumsticks, and my sister was lucky enough to get a guitar pick!!

It was a great show and sis and I both really enjoyed it. I'll be posting up pictures from the concert tomorrow so check back!

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