Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm a Samsung Mob!ler! Help me and my team win a trip to Korea!

Last month, I applied to be one of Canada’s first Mob!ilers through the Samsung Mobile Canada Facebook page. I got short listed for a phone interview and then found out I was accepted a few days after!

They flew me out to Toronto at the end of August for an all expense paid trip for training. On training day, I got to meet the other 29 Mob!ilers (10 from Vancouver, 10 from Montreal and 10 from Toronto). We got put into our teams of 5 and were given an overview of Samsung and the Mob!lers program. Basically it’s people that use social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, etc) and can spread the word (lots of word of mouth marketing!). We were each given a brand-spankin’ new Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, complete with unlimited talk/text/facetime etc paid for until the end of the year! (And if you have seen my current phone, you’ll know how much I needed a new phone).

Each team will have to go on “missions” and create content with our new phones and the team that wins gets $1500 to split. At the end of the competition, the team that has the best content with lots of “likes”, comments, viral videos, etc gets $5000 to split and an all expense paid trip to Korea to visit Samsung Headquarters!

Please “like” all my team’s content (Team Vibrant Coast), and remember to share our videos/pictures, like, leave comments etc like crazy and help us win the prize money and that trip to Korea!!!! The judging is partially based on how many videos views, comments and likes we receive. 

Follow along for the next few months as we create more content! I’ll be updating when there are new things to like/share/comment on! 

View our first mission video (Modroids) here. (Scroll down and lick the video tab - our video is at the bottome called MODROIDS, not green martian!!). You can leave the comment on Facebook or Youtube page)

You can also like me over here.

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