Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hanson Concert @ The Commodore Ballroom

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from Rogers to the Hanson concert at The Commodore Ballroom last night. I'm not a fan of Hanson so I'm not familiar with any of their songs (aside from MmmBop haha) and didn't know what to expect. My sister and I went with a group of friends so there were 8 of us in total.

The opening acts came on at 9pm, starting with Andrew Allen. He is awesome! He sang his hit, Loving You Tonight, and a few other ones. So good.

Next came A Rocket to the Moon, a group I've never heard of. Their songs were decent, but all the Hanson fangirls were extremely impatient for Hanson to come on and were becoming restless and a lot of them weren't even paying attention (my friends included LOL). The lead singer of the group totally looks like Justin Timberlake, but younger! And also their drummer looks like my boss from one of my summer jobs LOL.

After the opening acts, there was some setup for what seemed like forever (and actually, it WAS forever). Everyone started chanting Hanson and people were getting annoyed and angry. FINALLY, FINALLY at 11pm they came on stage. There songs are okay, but its not like I'm going to be rushing out to buy all their CDs anytime soon. I won't deny that they are a talented group, writing their own songs and playing instruments and everything. Not like those teeny-boppers like Justin Beiber (ugh). Hanson fan girls are CRAZY. So much screaming, and the jumping, oh the jumping! My sister was alarmed because the concert venue is upstairs and with so many girls jumping in unison, the floor/ceiling was totally bouncing up and down and she was afraid the floor might collapse! Apparently it has happened before at some other concert venue!

All in all, a good time with friends, a lot of energy and good songs. I'll be posting up pictures from the concert later on (and I promise I'll get those Train pictures up soon!).

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