Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canadian Tire 88th Birthday Bash! (Sept 17-19)

Canadian Tire is once again celebrating their birthday by having their scratch card event! I always look forward to their scratch cards because that means free stuff! The scratch card should have came on Wednesday with your local papers/flyers, tucked into the Canadian Tire flyer.

This year, the prizes can be 1 of 8 $8000 prizes (does anyone ever win these?), $5 off or a coupon for a free McCain Deep 'n Delicious Cake!

The $5 cards means you can get anything $5 or over for absolutely free! Last year I stocked up on aluminum foil, paper towels and fabric softeners! You need a minimum purchase of $5 after all discounts and $5 will be taken off your bill (last year, I got $5 on the dot, so just paid the taxes!).

Some of the good deals I noticed in the flyer are:

Aluminum Foil/Wax Paper/Plastic Wrap - 2 for $0.88
Sunggle Fabric Softener Sheets - $0.88
Palmolive Dish Detergent - $0.88
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - $0.88

Of course these are the door crashers and will probably sell out REALLY fast, so go early tomorrow! In the regular flyer, there are some good items to get as well that you can get for free or nearly free.

Old Dutch Laundry Detergent or Fabric Softener - 2 for $5
Odour Elimiator or Liquid-Plumr Pro drain unclogger - 2 for $5
Purex Toilet Paper - $4.99
Sponge Towels paper towels - $4.99
Scotties facial tissues - $4.99
Dentyne or Trident gum - $3.69

For the items that are 1cent or more under $5, you can always buy a lollipop at the till for about $0.25 to bring your total up to $5. I have heard there are even single nails or screws you can buy for a few cents!

Happy shopping!

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