Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hanson Concert Pictures

Here they are! Pictures from the Hanson concert at The Commodore Ballroom last Saturday.

Andrew Allen, opening up for the opening act lol. He is awesome, I wish he sang more (he was only on for 15 minutes for about 3 songs.)!! He sang Loving You Tonight, which is a song I love!

The lead singer of A Rocket to the Moon, opening for Hanson. Don't you think he look just like Justin Timberlake?!

Finally Hanson comes on at 11pm, a full TWO hours after Andrew Allen came on!


mttdner said...

OH WOW! Karen, these look so great but you forgot to mention how terrible the second act was! at least HANSON was good.

Seapotato said...

lol yes, but they would have been better if they had come on the stage earlier instead of making us all wait!