Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ping Pong - Dim Sum for Dinner

I was told that Chinese food was very popular in London and Ping Pong was only a few blocks from our hotel. Ping Pong serves dim sum exclusively all day, as well as many cocktails and teas. I've never had dim sum for dinner before! As we had a large party, we were taken to a seating area upstairs that felt more like a lounge area - the tables were very low (and a bit uncomfortable - where do you put your legs?). We had a pre-ordered set menu, which started with an appetizer of sesame seed prawn crackers - one of my favorite snacks! The dim sum came out on individual plates and steamers for each person with one of each type of food, which was very odd to me because I'm accustomed to each steamer containing four of the same item and everyone just shares.

The seating area downstairs.
Sesame seed prawn crackers
Mixed vegetable spring roll, crispy duck spring roll, fried Vietnamese rice paper prawn rolls and roast pork puff.
Vegetable bun, chicken sui mai, shrimp dumpling, chicken and cashew nut dumpling, chive dumpling, spinach and mushroom dumpling
An extra order of steamed sticky rice.
I ordered ice cream for dessert - but it took so long it had melted. Very sad!
Chinese chocolate brownie with ice cream - also melted.
Frozen fruit
Banana and chocolate spring roll with ice cream
I forget what this drink is, but they had an assortment of very cool looking teas!
The spring rolls were very good, though the dim sum left something to be desired. There are a lot of excellent dim sum restaurants in Vancouver, so comparing the dim sum from Ping Pong to the places I've been to, it was subpar. It was also a little disappointing that the ice cream was all melted for all the desserts too. I'm not sure if it was because we had such a large party that it took them a long time to make. Ping Pong is a nice place to go for a quick lunch, as there is a nice vibe to the restaurant, but may not be filling enough for dinner.

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