Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moshi Moshi - Dinner at the Train Station

Moshi Moshi is a small Japanese restaurant tucked in a corner of the train station at Liverpool Street. It was nice to go for Asian food, and Japanese is one of my favourites! My table shared all the platters, but they were mostly tapas with only a few main dishes. The hot foods were very good, but again, coming from Vancouver where sushi is very popular and fish is very fresh, I thought the sushi was decent but not the best. I really like that Moshi Moshi tries to be sustainable and only use seasonal and local ingredients, so their menus change to reflect that. The area where we sat had an interesting design (see picture below) and was very cozy. I think this would have been a really nice place to go for a quick lunch, as it was located so close to Old Spitalfields Market!

This is where we sat. Very cool!
The chopstick covers all had different text printed on it.
A sushi platter to share.
Chicken and gyozas.
Tapas bento box to share: gyoza, chicken yakitori, prawn tempura, chicken teiyaki, mackerel kara-age, grilled mackerel & cucumber salad, cornish crab salad.
Grilled fish.
Pork shogayaki.
Tonkatsu - pork coated in Japanese breadcrumbs and deep fried.
Moshi Moshi serves freshly squeezed juices with an interesting combination of fruits and vegetables. I tried the Ginza Morning - carrot, apple, celery, ginger and orange.

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