Saturday, August 18, 2012

The British Museum #TakePart2012

With only a few days left in London, I decided to go to The British Museum to see the Olympic and Paralympic medals exhibit. I visited this museum the first time I went to London, and I really enjoyed it. There are a lot of cool things to see - the Rosetta Stone, hundreds of mummies, statues. Egyptian artifacts always fascinate me, and The British Museum has a lot of them! I recognized a lot of the things I saw from the first time, which was fine because I had to breeze through the museum once again.

The ceiling of the museum's entrance.
London 2012 Olympic medals
London 2012 Paralympic medals
The cast for the medals
The Rosetta Stone
Black schist sarcophagus of Ankhnesneferibr

Lely's Venus
Nautilus-shell cup

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