Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Shopping on Oxford Street #TakePart2012

I got up early today to fit some shopping in, so we took the bus down to Oxford Street where I picked up some trinkets as gifts. It was cool seeing all the London themed merchandise and all the tourists shopping. It was really busy, even though it started sprinkling a little bit.

Flags all down Oxford St.
Adorable plushies!
Of course, I visited the Disney Store UK.
G'day Donald!
I really do heart London.
While down there, we passed by a Vodafone shop, where we saw the Samsung Galaxy S3 being advertised so we popped inside! There was a whole floor and demo area designated to the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note and Tab 2. It was nice to see and the salespeople were really friendly!

ZOMG - Giant Samsung Galaxy S3!
Demonstration both - it's very comfy!
Who is that good looking model? ;P
I feel like I should get on stage and start my presentation!
NFC technology!

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