Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Burst Shot & Best Photo Features on the Samsung Galaxy S3 #TakePart2012

Since I do multiple presentations a day about the Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, I thought I'd start writing about some of the cool features of the phone here too!

Burst shot is perfect for taking pictures at an Olympic game - they are all fast-paced, the athletes are zooming around the court and you want that perfect gold-medal moment! Burst shot allows you to take 20 photos in 3 seconds, which is amazingly fast! I can think of many times I wished I had this option when I'm taking pictures of things! The phone keeps all of the photos so you can sort through them yourself.

Photo from
Best photo is also a new feature of the Galaxy S3. When you turn on the best photo option, the phone will take 8 pictures and then choose the best one for you! The intelligent camera and phone will detect if someone is smiling or blinking and will choose the best photo based on that, as well as the colour and saturation of the photo.

I wish I had a video of the phone to show you just how fast it is - I will definitely take one tomorrow and update here!

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