Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fire Station - So Hot

Located at Waterloo, The Fire Station is a pub and restaurant that used to be a real fire station in the 1900's. Our group went there for an early dinner so we had time to go watch the London Olympic Opening Ceremonies afterwards. It was quite busy inside, probably because everyone was staking their spot to watch the ceremonies later that night. It was literally so hot inside - I had to take off all my layers and I was still sweating! Appetizers were ordered for us already so we got to pick an entree and dessert.

Duck on a bed of greens.
Baked potatoes
Cous-cous coated goats cheese with baked tomatoes.
Bread with vinegar and oil.
Fragrant Thai chicken with sticky coconut rice and vegetable noodles.
Grilled lobster with garlic butter, fries and salad.
White chocolate and raspberry tart with raspberry coulis.
I ordered the Thai chicken for myself but it was actually not that good. The chicken was a big flavourless, and the rice was sitting in so much sauce that was very soggy. I shared the white chocolate and raspberry tart but it was even more disappointing. I think it was stale, as the texture was very rubbery and it was very difficult to cut apart. It didn't taste very good, so we didn't finish it. The appetizers were decent though. I wouldn't go here for dinner, but perhaps the bar is a bit better.

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