Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day at The Fair

The Fair at the PNE is something I look forward to every year. It's been a tradition to go at least once a year for as long as I can remember! The Peking Acrobats and Superdogs are some of my favorite shows, and I went to see those first. The Evolution of Extreme was also an exciting show to watch, with motobike riders who ride off a ramp and do tricks in mid-air.

Walking through the carnival games area is always fun - I used to play a lot of the games when I was younger, but now I have to hold myself back from throwing all my money away on toys I don't have room for (though I couldn't resist playing just one - I only came in second place.). And of course, the food. Oooh, the delicious greasy foods! I went for a Ukranian breakfast combo because the perogies looked delicious! Afterwards, I shared a pineapple and strawberry Dole Whip ice cream and a lemonade. As a snack, we all bought a corn-dog.

New this year was the Star Trek exhibition, and the line was never ending. We went later on in the day so though the line was long, it moved fast. There were plenty of props from the Star Trek shows and you can get your picture taken in the Captain's chair, the bridge and the transporter. It was actually a lot of fun! To end the day, we walked through the Marketplace. Once again, I was salivating over the Vitamix blender. I will buy it one day...

This is always nerve-wracking to watch!
So many people on one bike!
The Peking Acrobats showcase strength, finesse and amazing acrobatics.
A new exhibit this year showcased playgrounds. This airplane was one of my favorites.
I also really liked this ship!
The sculptures for the sand sculpture competition are always amazing, with lots of detail.
This one, titled "Box" was very cool. The hand makes it really eerie.
The Superdogs are very cute!
A pair of puppies who will eventually become Superdogs!
New this year is rabbit hopping - a miniature race course built for rabbits!
A hare looks towards the bars he has to jump over.
Don't have a cow!
The Evolution of Extreme


One guy even rode an ATV!
No pictures were allowed inside!

The Fair at the PNE will be open daily until September 3, 2012. Gate tickets are $20 at the door, or $15 if you purchase online here.

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