Thursday, August 23, 2012

Iogo Yogurt Launch in Vancouver #iogovip

Ultima Foods has launched a new yogurt brand this week, iögo (pronounced yo-go), which uses natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours and is made in Canada. You may have noticed iögo billboards, tv spots and street squads handing out samples this week to advertise the new line of yogurt.

I was invited to attend the launch in Vancouver to sample the different yogurts. With seven lines (Greek, drinkable, yogurt in a tube, probiotic, fat-free, creamy, mini-sized) and over 40 flavours, there is plenty to choose from! I tried the two drinkable yogurts (raspberry and strawberry melon) and the dessert yogurt (cafe latte flavour). There were also hors d'oeuvres that incorporated iögo yogurt in it and delicious yogurt martinis. Dietician Patricia Chuey was also there to talk about some of her favorite recipes from a iögo yogurt cookbook. 

Checking in for this exclusive event!
The different lines of iögo yogurt.
A selection of iögo yogurt for sampling.
Being a fan of drinkable yogurts, I made a beeline for these. Strawberry and melon flavour, it was delicious!
Yogurt in a tube - great for kids.
"Nano" sized yogurt and drinkable yogurt with a snap on lid.
2 cocktails to choose from - strawberry shortcake and blueberry.
Who knew yogurt in a drink could taste so good?
I opted for the blueberry mocktail.
Chickpea and yogurt spread
Chicken satay
Chickpea fritter
Crab yogurt ball
Tuna tartare
Carolyn Ray of Casacom gives a little intro of iögo.
Isabelle Meplon from Ultima Foods gives us the story of iögo.
@foodologyca and @food_queen plays some games.
Patricia Chuey talking about some of the recipes.
Panna cotta
Yogurt and sesame dip with asparagus - recipe found in the cookbook!
Yogurt cookbook with over 40 recipes. The recipes of the food eaten today can be found in here.
As we left, we were all given a swagbag filled with all the different types of iögo yogurt!

The launch was amazing - the food was great, the yogurt was tasty and I got to meet some great people. The swagbag handed out as I left was even more amazing - packed with yogurt! Thanks so much to @iogocanada for putting on such a great event!

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