Sunday, May 06, 2012

Spot Prawn Festival @ Granville Island #spotprawn2012

I headed down to the Fisherman's Wharf this weekend to check out the Spot Prawn Festival. This is an annual festival where everyone comes down to enjoy some boiled spot prawns, prepared by the city's top chef's. This festival kicks off the BC spot prawn season, which lasts about 6 to 8 weeks. You also have the opportunity to purchase live prawns straight from the boats at the dock! There were tons of people there, and the food looked and smelled delicious. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to purchase a food ticket in time and they were sold out by the time I arrived.

I haven't been to Granville Island in a long time!

Fisherman's Whaf
Some live spot prawns.
Alive and kicking!
The Vancouver Aquarium was there to promote their Ocean Wise program. Luckily these spot prawns are Ocean Wise, so it's okay to eat. ;)
A wooden statue of a heron.
Boiled spot prawns.
People enjoying their plates - 3 spot prawns, with sides of potato salad, rolls, chick peas and salad.
Since I wasn't able to get any prawns, I wandered on over to Granville Island in search of sustenance. I stumbled upon Terra Breads and I just couldn't resist their delicious looking baked goodies!
Nothing like some fresh baked bread.
3 kinds of Focaccia breads. I tried the one in the middle - cheese and herb.
Mocha flavored macaroon. It was so good!
Sweet baked goods. The Apple Focaccia in the corner is something I want to try next.
Those tarts look really tasty.

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