Sunday, May 06, 2012

20x Optimum Points @ Shoppers Drug Mart (May 5-11)

This week at Shoppers Drug Mart, when you spend $75 or more on cosmetics or fragrances, you will receive 20x the Shoppers Optimum Points. Since Mother's Day is coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to buy her gift as well as rack up the points.

20x the points can actually add up quite quickly. I am going to be purchasing an item that is $96 for my mum, so instead of getting only 960 Optimum points, I will be receiving 19,200 points, which is worth $34.36 if you redeem at the maximum level (95,000 points = $170). But if you're like me and a savvy shopper, you will wait to redeem your points on a Bonus Redemption day, in which case, those points are worth $40.42 (95,000 points = $200). And if you're really patient, and wait for a Mega-Bonus Redemption day (which only happens once a year!), those 19,200 points will be equivalent to $50.53. So if you do the math, I'm actually only going to be paying only about half of what the original product will be worth!

If you don't collect Shoppers Optimum Points, this is a great week to sign up!

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