Sunday, May 06, 2012

Nintendo Selects - $14.83 @ Walmart

A while back, Nintendo repackaged some of their hit Wii games as Nintendo Selects, with a price point of $19.99 per game instead of $59.99. It was a pretty amazing price drop for the exact same game, and I almost wished I didn't purchase the games when they first came out so that I could get them at this great price. Almost.

This week, Walmart has the games on sale - so you save even more! Only $14.83 for what I think are some of the Nintendo Wii's best games. The games available are:

- Mario Super Sluggers
- Super Mario Galaxy
- Super Paper Mario (love this game!)
- Mario Strikers Charged
- Zelda Twilight Princess
- Animal Crossing
- Punch Out
- Wii Sports

Time to stock up on video games, I think!

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