Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lego Store Grand Opening

If you're like me and still love Lego, then you were probably really excited to hear that there was a new Lego store that opened up at Oakridge Centre. The store has been open for several weeks now and every time I pass by, it is packed with kids and adults. No doubt they strategically chose their store to be right in front of the children's play area!

This weekend will the the Lego Store's official grand opening, happening May 4 to 6. A Lego master will be there to build an 8 foot tall model of Star War's R2-D2, completely out of Lego bricks! This will be happening over the course of 3 days and you will receive a free Certificate of Achievement for helping.

As well, there will be free gift with a $35 purchase everyday of the week to the first 300 customers:

Friday: Lego Minifigure T-shirt
Saturday: Limited-Edition Lego Store Set
Sunday: Exclusive Minifigure Set

For more information about this event and the hours, check out the Lego site.

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