Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Up Next...The Paralympics!

In a little over a week's time, the Paralympics will be starting! I already bought tickets to see the opening ceremony! I hope it's as good as the Olympics, since I didn't get to go to any of the events. :( Sledge hockey is already sold out - nuuuuu!! The only thing left that isn't in the mountains is wheelchair curling. I wouldn't mind watching that, but not sure my sister would be up to it.

There never seems to be as much excitement about the Paralympics than the Olympics. They should put the two events together so we can have a whole MONTH of partying and cheering, instead of breaking it up between months. Well anyway, I'll let you know how the opening ceremony goes and if I'm able to snag any tickets to events. You better buy your tickets NOW if you're planning to watch anything, since all the exciting events seem to be selling out fast!

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