Monday, March 08, 2010

Olympic Freebies

Over the month of February, I've been slowly collecting Olympic related freebies. And you all know how much I love freebies! Here are a few pics of some of the stuff I got! It's not everything, but it's some of the more interesting things!

- hockey helmet toques
- full box of Cheerios
- car flag
- light up thundersticks
- polar bear squeeze toy
- noisemaker
- Coke in collector's bottle
- Cold-fx samples
- Vitaminwater

- tshirts
- Olympic red mittens
- Team 2010 cap
- laminated placemat

- notepads
- lots of cellphone cleaners (just shows you how many times I lined up to get into the Samsung Pavilion!!)
- pens
- lanyards
- blinking bike lights
- Quatchi plush (traded 2 pins for this)

- glowing Coke bottle


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Jenle Waven said...

HAHAH you almost have a complete waredrobe!