Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Post Olympic Depression

After a surreal month, I'm back to being unemployed. The Olympics have come and gone and it was a TON of fun! I hope everyone had an awesome time just soaking in the atmosphere, watching the games, and checking out all the venues and houses. Canada's athletes did GREAT and brought in a record medal haul, with 14 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze medals. I'm so proud!! And that last hockey game against USA, what a nail biter! I went out after work and downtown was a total gongshow! The streets were packed, and everyone was cheering and high fiving everyone, honking their horns, it was great. I have never seen Vancouver come together like this, and I have a feeling it will never happen again. I'm really sad it's over and can't really believe it. It was like I've been on vacation for a month, and now it's back to real life. :( Of course, next up is the Paralympics, coming in mid-March! I've got tickets to the opening ceremony, I hope it's a lot of fun! I already miss work, and all my co-workers! :( We had a great party Monday night. I've friended a bunch of facebook, so hopefully we'll still keep in touch!

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