Monday, October 08, 2012

Troia - Mediterranean Restaurant

The first evening in London, we headed to a Troia, a Mediterranean restaurant just across the street from our hotel. We went back a couple more times after that when we needed a quick meal. The first night, we only had the small dishes, which was actually pretty filling, and there was a lot of variety in the food and great for sharing. The second time, we got to order our own dishes and I chose a salad. The food was okay, but it's not really suited to my taste. Troia is a nice place to go for a quick bite!

Cool decor.
Sesame bread, samosa, eggplant.
Tomato salad and other mixed veggies.
Hummus with meat and a yogurt-y dip.
Bread for dipping.
Salmon and avocado salad.
Prawn salad.
Chicken and avocado salad, though they forgot to put in the avocados!
Iskender - lamb, chicken and minced lamb with yoghurt.

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