Monday, October 08, 2012

Jamie Oliver's Fifteen

On our last night in London, we were taken to Jamie Oliver's restaurant, Fifteen. Fifteen was founded by Jamie Oliver in 2002, when he started the Apprentice Programme - giving young unemployed people a chance to have a better future. They study cooking in college, get hands-on training at Fifteen and also get work experience at some top restaurants.

The restaurant serves Italian food, and has a simple menu. We were given a set menu with a few selections for our mains, sides and desserts. I ordered the salmon, which came with sea asparagus, which I really like! The portion was good and the saltiness of the sea asparagus went very well with the salmon. It was good, but nothing outstanding. I also ordered a side of Northumberland Aura potatoes with mint and butter (no picture), though it wasn't very good (who thought potatoes wouldn't be good) and I didn't finish it. I was quite disappointed with dessert though. I had the brownie, but instead of a fresh and warm brownie, it tasted like something out of a grocery store. I wasn't expecting that to come out of a Jamie Oliver restaurant! Overall it wasn't a very spectacular meal, which was a little disappointing, from all the hype surrounding Jamie Oliver's restaurants. The tables weren't set up so that our large group could talk easily either. It was still a nice evening, though very sad because everyone was parting ways back to their own country the next day. Here's to everyone meeting again in the future!

We started off with a glass of champagne to celebrate the end of the Olympics and our time together.
Strawberry lemonade - the glass is a very cool oval shape.
Fifteen's signature antipasti - meats, seasonal vegetables, mozzarella and olives.
Pan-fried Shetland organic Salmond with Crown Prince squash, rock samphire and almond pesto.
Chocolate brownie with vanilla cream and crushed honeycomb.

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