Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Zombie Syndrome - Zombies in Vancouver!

I had the chance to participate in The Zombie Syndrome today, an interactive, site-specific theatre adventure presented by The Virtual Stage. Just in time for Halloween, The Zombie Sydrome gets audience members to use their smart phones to navigate through the show and find clues to the next location in a scavenger-hunt style race through Vancouver to find the cure to save the world from a deadly zombie invasion! You begin at a secret location in Vancouver (a phone call the day before will inform you where the rendezvous point is), and are searching for a missing scientist's secret laboratory while trying to avoid zombies. It was great fun working with the other audience members to solve clues and figure out where to head next. Because my show was in the afternoon, it wasn't as scary, so I suggest purchasing a ticket for an evening show. 

Zombies running amok in Vancouver!
The Zombie Syndrome has five shows a day and runs until October 31st. Be prepared to walk for 2 hours, rain or shine. Tickets are selling out quickly, so get yours now, you won't regret it! There will also be a special Halloween showing. For more details or to purchase your tickets, check out The Virtual Stage.

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