Friday, June 22, 2012

Scissor Sisters Concert Pictures @ The Commodore Ballroom

Right after the Samsung Galaxy SIII launch party on Wednesday night, I headed on over to the Commodore Ballroom to hit up my next concert - The Scissor Sisters! Unfortunately, my friend arrived extremely late so I missed all the opening acts, and didn't get a good spot for pictures.

The concert itself was amazing - everyone was really into it and my friend and I danced up a storm! The Scissor Sisters performed many songs from their newest album, Magic Hour, as well as older hits and fan favorites like Take Your Mama Out, and my personal favorite, I Don't Feel Like Dancin'. They ended their set with it before the encore, and once it came on, everyone went crazy and started dancing even harder! They performed Only The Horses and another song for the encore, which I forget. Scissor Sisters has such catchy songs that just makes you want to bust a move and dance your heart out! I can't wait till they come back to Vancouver for their next tour!

Here are some pictures from the concert (sorry, they aren't very good!):

Scissor Sisters!
Jake Shears, Ana Matronic, Del Marquis
Backup singers - it was the birthday of one of them so Ana Matronic led the audience in a rendition of Happy Birthday!
I have to say, they have the most interesting outfits ever.

Let's have a kiki!

I think this is Jake's oddest outfit over the evening - it looked like a raincoat sort of deal.

Here's a video of Baby Come Home - it's one of my favorites from their new album, it's just so catchy! For more videos from the concert, check out my Youtube channel.

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