Thursday, June 21, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Launch with Down With Webster

Samsung Canada held launch parties in three cities last night for the newest phone in the Galaxy S line - the Galaxy S III. Samsung usually invites a Canadian band to perform at the launch (see Galaxy Launch with Faber Drive) and Vancouver got to rock out with Down With Webster! Sam Roberts Band performed in Montreal and Cobra Starship played in Toronto.

The events leading up to the concert were pretty awesome to watch. There were dancers, acrobats, hoola-hoops, great music, and a candy bar (!) where you can satisfy your sweet tooth.

Vancouver's Launch Party was held at Venue Nightclub.
Modeling the Galaxy S III.
Dancers were incorporating the phone into their routine.

Drummer up above.
A violinist on the roof!

There was also time to check out the Galasy S III smartphone - it's a beauty! It's a very slim and light phone and has many new features. The phone comes out in Canada on June 27th in white or pebble blue and will be available with any carrier in Vancouver.

This photo was taken with the Galaxy S III - it turned out very well even though the lighting was poor!! Amazing camera.
Gorgeous phone!
The president of Samsung Canada introducing Down With Webster.

Down With Webster was great, and the crowd was really into it! They performed their hits Whoa Is Me and Professional, among others. Everyone received flashing wristbands when they came through the door, so it was cool to see everyone lit up! It was definitely a fun night - Samsung sure knows how to throw a party!

Here's a video of Down With Webster performing Go Time. For more videos, check out my Youtube channel.

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