Sunday, June 03, 2012

EAT! Vancouver Pictures

Another year and another weekend at the EAT! Vancouver food and cooking festival - it did not disappoint. I made sure to go on an empty stomach this year and boy, was there was lot of foods to try! There were plenty of cooking demonstrations with celebrity chefs, and foods to sample and buy. It was packed all weekend. I definitely cannot wait until EAT! Vancouver comes back next year!

Someone creating a chocolate sculpture for the competition on Saturday.
The completed sculpture. Good enough to eat!
Another chocolate sculpture. Everything is made entirely of chocolate!
Smaller chocolate designs.
Watermelon carvings.
Very cool!
Kind of makes me want to eat watermelon now.
Such an intricate carving!
The aisles were packed with people trying and buying foods!

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas doing a presentation on virgin oils.
Samples of couscous, mini muffins, coconut balls and garlic olive oil.
Chef Rob Feenie (from Cactus Club!) cooking on stage.
Chef Feenie made lobster and bacon mac & cheese.
Over at the Glowbal Group food booth!
Trying some veal at Frankie's.
Did a cheese tasting! Clockwise from top: Comox brie, Edam, boursin pepper, medium cheddar, 5 year old cheddar, boursin shallot and chive, monterey jack horseradish
A plating competition.
This one is really pretty!
Looks delish.

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