Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tweet Up with Indigo Green Room @ C Restaurant #VanIndigoTweets

Everyone's always curious to know the faces behind the Twitter handle so when I heard Indigo Green Room was having their first tweet up in Vancouver, I just had to get an invite! Who doesn't love some good food and good company with book lovers?

The tweet up was held at C Restaurant in the the private Wine Cellar Room (it's actually a wine cellar). There were 7 guests, and 3 people from Chapters, including Jeremy Cammy, the man behind @indigogreenroom on Twitter! Everyone was encouraged to tweet throughout the dinner and post pictures using hashtag #VanIndigoTweets.

We had a modified dine out menu that included 5 courses and a couple of tasters. We started with the Amuse Bouche - a smoked salmon cannelloni. Next was a beet panzanella salad, then a seared albacore tuna with winter minestrone. For the mains, we had the Like Babine salmon with squash and brussel sprouts (it was very good!) and the beef tenderloin with portobello mushroom, followed by spiced chocolate pudding with crisp caramel puffed rice for dessert and a mini lemon poppy-seed biscotti for the Petit Fours. Everything was beautifully presented, and tasted delicious. the service was excellent! I only wish I had brought my camera so I could post photos here! Check out depotato's blog for pictures of the delicious food!

Conversation ranged from books we enjoy reading to contesting and Groupons to companies with the best online presence. For some fun, everyone was asked to bring a picture of an animal that represented them as well as their favorite book. It was nice to be exposed to books I've never would have heard of, plus books that are my favorites as well!

As an added bonus, everyone received a swagbag, that included a beautiful limited edition C Food cookbook from the chef at C Restaurant (signed too!), chocolate, a game and a Chapters gift card! It was definitely a great night and I was so glad to meet such awesome people from the Twitter world.

Definitely give @indigogreenroom and @chaptersindigo a follow on Twitter if you're not already as they are one of the best companies online and they have great giveaways weekly. Plus you can stay in the loop about events happening in stores. And you never know, they might have another tweet up in the future!

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