Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hot Chelle Rae Concert Pictures @ Venue

When I heard Hot Chelle Rae was coming to Vancouver, I just had to see them live! They gained attention after their hit single Tonight, Tonight came out in 2011 (love that song!). Cady Groves opened with a few songs. She's someone to watch for in the future as her style and voice is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne. Held at Venue on Granville, there was only a small gathering, which was too bad because the concert was great!

"Every girl is capable of murder if you hurt her."

Cady Groves

Hot Chelle Rae!




'I like it like that! Hey, windows down, chillin' with the radio on!"

They performed a song called Emo, really catchy!

"We're going at it tonight, tonight, There's a party on the rooftop, Top of the world!"

Here's a video of Hot Chelle Rae singing Tonight, Tonight. Check out my Youtube channel for more videos from Hot Chelle Rae and Cady Groves!

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